Apple stops signing iOS 16.4.1 to prevent users from downgrading as iOS 16.5 rolls out


We are nearing the end of iOS 16 as Apple gears up for the upcoming iOS 17. While we are just two weeks away from seeing the new features that Apple has to offer in its upcoming iOS 17, Apple has now stopped signing iOS 16.4.1 to prevent users from downgrading to previous versions of the iOS update.

It is not new that Apple has stopped signing an older version of iOS while it rolls the latest version of the software. Apple routinely carries out this exercise to make sure that users don’t roll back to the previous software update.

This is done mainly to prevent users from using outdated software on their devices, which could potentially open the door to hackers who can use the older software to infiltrate personal data or users using existing bugs.

Roll back to iOS 16.4.1 no longer possible

While iOS 16.5 is an update over the previous iOS version and it brings a couple of bug fixes, the iOS update has also introduced a major bug for users. When iOS 16.5 was rolled out, it rendered a major Apple ecosystem accessory useless. Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter has been rendered unusable for iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 devices.

Several users reported the issue on Apple’s official support forum and Reddit. A user who goes by the username FractalVision420 on Reddit wrote, “I use this adapter to run a Dj controller just used it last night. After my 16.5 update, it stopped working. Plugged into my gfs phone who hasn’t updated and it worked like normal.Any clue what’s up?” On the forum.

There were several replies under the post from users who said they are also facing the same issue. A user wrote in the thread, “I am having the exact same issue, only with my digital audio setup – my DAC (Schiit Modi+) worked fine with this adapter connecting my iPhone to it up until I upgraded to iOS 16.5 this morning – now it just gives a “draws too much power” error message and doesn’t even charge my phone anymore, let alone communicate to the DAC.”

Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter is used for connecting devices like cameras, microphones, and other devices using the USB port.

The Lightning port is also used by some users for charging their iPhones or iPads. With iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 updates the dongle is no longer working as per multiple users.

Now that Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.4.1, users who are facing this bug have no option other than waiting for Apple to release a new software update with the bug fix for this particular issue.

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