Either it could be a real blunder from Apple or just another marketing gimmick, the news is that Apple Store site in Czech Republic displays new Space Black Milanese loop Apple Watch band.

Given the historical data, industry experts believe that it could be another marketing trick from the Cupertino giant as many leaks have been registered earlier in the name of Apple. Before the release of every major product or software, rumour mills get active with such media blurbs.

Apple Space Black Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band

Apple Leaks New Space Black Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band

So we will treat this as a teaser campaign from Apple, which is all set to release a brand new Apple Watch band. This will be a 42mm Space Black Milanese Loop compatible for Space Black steel watches available in the market.

Though accessories makers have already floated third-party black Milanese loops, this would be an official Apple product.

Consumers are waiting for the official words from the brand; but they are baffled by what they saw on Czech Republic Apple Store website; this web appearance was followed by an announcement that the Watch would be launched in the region later this month. Surprisingly, no other store in the world uploaded this Space Black Milanese Loop.

The Czech store website of Apple doesn’t display much information regarding the loop; there is neither a buy button nor a price tag.

The shipping date reveals that Apple will start selling the bands in a week’s time. The band is described as a normal Milanese band along with five different photos of the band.

Rubbishing the rumors, some experts guesstimate that it could be a Photoshop error (or maybe trick?). Consumers should wait for official announcement from PR department of Apple as there is no clarity on worldwide release of the band.

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