Apple May Introduce Sleep Tracking Feature for Next Apple Watch

Monitoring health with Apple Watch may get better with Sleep Tracking feature. It monitors vital health parameters, and this missing sleep tracker will further enhance the monitor of user health.

Apple Watch with a new Sleep Tracking App that will nudge you to sleep better is likely to come without new hardware. The announcement may happen during the much-awaited September 10, 2019 launch event at Apple Park, said 9to5Mac, which heard about it from Apple’s close quarters.

It reported that this sleep trends and health monitoring app would be in-built in the possibly new titanium and a ceramic case built Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Sleep Tracker May Offer Vital Health Monitoring Solution for Apple Users

The current Apple Watch Series 4 set in S4 chip infographic watch face helps users to remain active, healthy, and connected offering over eight complications at a glance. The health monitoring App currently includes ECG, Fall Detection, Heart Rate Monitor, and Emergency SOS though it never warns about heart attacks.

Supposedly codenamed ‘Burrito’ within Apple inside circles and called ‘Time in Bed tracking,’ this new app will function to monitor user’s quality of sleep.

Sleep duration, set bedtime, time to fall asleep, time awake, time away from the bed, wakeup time, and sleep efficiency related to the user’s quality of sleep; will all be monitored for quality and accessed through the new Health app and Sleep Tracking app.

Data recorded above will be made available in the Health app and a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch to make it a complete monitoring solution.

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The wrist-worn Apple Watch paired with your iPhone through multiple sensors may monitor and provide user-specific reports like goal setting for bedtime and sleep time, tip notifications, morning results, bedtime reminders, weekly reports and more. These features are available in the nonwearable Beddit Sleep Monitor – the company acquired by Apple in May 2017.

Present Apple Watch Series 4 runs for 18 hours, but on fears of battery charging, the report hints at user being alerted to timely charge the watch to monitor user’s vitals running through the night. A 30 percent battery status threshold may be recommended for full night monitoring and working of the Sleep Tracking App.

Data about the will be made available in the Health app and a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch.

It is also rumored that the new bedtime system – ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature will trigger automatically as one goes to bed, also sounding via iPhone. On the wakeup alarm, the Apple Watch Sleep tracking feature will intelligently ring or stop as set, but once stopped, it will also switch it off in the connected iPhone. That’s smart, isn’t it?

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An internal string of iOS 13 builds accessed by media sources informs that features like Altitude, Lattitude, Longitude, and sleep may come in the new Apple Watch Sleep Tracking App.

Another interesting schooltime feature blocks access to apps, complications, and notifications to help students focus during classes.

One may note that in the near past, iOS 13 builds have revealed quite a bit on how Apple is likely to launch Garta codenamed AR Glasses. And there seem more ‘spill-outs’ in the offing as the launch event date nears.

Just felt checking with if you are using the Apple Watch Series 4 with the Health App. How do you find it and are you missing the Sleep Tracker App from Apple?

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Maybe, your wait may not get longer…

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