Apple Will Reveal SiriOS to Developers at WWDC 2020: Voice Tech Report 2019

The Voice Tech Report 2019 predicts a $1 trillion voice economy by 2025. SiriOS and other "voice-first" platforms based on third-gen AI will be interfaces of choice in tomorrow's world.

The Voice Tech Report 2019 from Mangrove Capital Partners was published this week. It makes some very interesting predictions about Apple’s strategy in the voice assistant market. Specifically, it predicts that Apple will unveil a “SiriOS” at WWDC 2020.

In the report, Bret Kinsella, Editor, and Publisher at was quoted. This is what he had to say about SiriOS: “A SiriOS is desirable for enabling innovation and is viewed by many as required to match the progress made by Amazon and Google with their voice assistants.”

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The “Voice Economy” will Grow to $1 Trillion by 2025

Mangrove Capital recognized Apple’s focus on developing its voice technology. It predicts that the worldwide “voice economy” will grow to $1 trillion in size by 2025. Apple’s made great strides to leverage this opportunity by proactive acquisitions. These include its recent takeover of Silk Labs, an AI startup.

The voice economy itself is expected to grow nearly a thousandfold. Last year, voice shopping using platforms like Alexa and Siri was a market worth $2 billion. Just this segment of the voice market is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2022.

What exactly is SiriOS, though? The Mangrove Capital Voice Tech report offers some clues. It predicts the arrival of “third-wave AI algorithms.” These will allow companies to create “context-aware voice-first interfaces” for their devices.

Today, Siri is already 95 percent accurate in voice recognition. Third-wave algorithms would leverage device sensor data to improve contextual recognition. This means high accuracy voice recognition even in adverse, noisy environments.

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This would mean that, on iPhone and iPad, Siri could become the user’s interface of choice. The Voice Tech Report 2019 indicates that SiriOS would become something similar to Alexa Skills Kit. It would be a standalone platform for Siri, independent of iOS. Developers currently make use of SiriKit to add additional voice functionality.

Apple hasn’t revealed anything yet about SiriOS. However, growth predictions for the voice economy are very positive. It makes sense for Apple to focus on Siri as an independent platform. And if the future really is voice-first, then Siri is Apple’s interface of choice.

The Voice Tech Report 2019 also focused on privacy in the context of SiriOS. It referenced a Microsoft privacy survey. This survey indicated 41 percent of users were concerned with voice privacy issues.

Apart from these, the Voice Tech Report makes some other very interesting predictions:

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  • The number of voice assistants will surpass the human population by 2023
  • In software, touch interaction points will become “listening points.”
  • Companies will have to rethink how they deliver notifications: too many voice status updates could annoy users.
  • Virtual beings, with their own personalities, will change the face of entertainment.

SiriOS is still some ways in the future. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do amazing things with Siri today. Check out this feature on some cool Siri commands to control your music player.

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