Innovation never takes a break at Apple. Among many other latest innovative developments, what catches everyone’s attention is “Systems and methods for sending digital images”.

This system is compared with Facebook Moments app, which was introduced recently and it works on facial recognition system. This system narrates several ways for streamlining the sharing of photos by linking faces to contacts.

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Apple invention automatically shares photos based on facial recognition data

According to AppleInsider, Apple’s association with facial recognition technology goes back to the days when the technology used to help users recognize and sort their photos, such as in Photos app for Mac.

Apple Photos Based on Facial Recognition Data

This system includes more than one method of contact linking and photo-sharing; it allows users to connect contact information with faces manually and to social networking sites – another way to share photos.

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Apple’s patent filing reads:

Facial recognition algorithms may identify the faces of one or more people in a digital image. Multiple types of communication may be available for the different people in the digital image. A user interface may be presented indicating recognized faces along with the available forms of communication for the corresponding person. An indication of the total number of people available to be communicated with using each form of communication may be presented. The user may have the option to choose one or more forms of communication, causing the digital image to be sent to the recipients using the selected forms of communication. An individual may have provided information for facial recognition of the individual to a service. Based on the information, the service may recognize that the individual is in an uploaded picture and send the digital image to the user account of the individual.

Apple also notes that the connected database linking facial recognition info with individuals’ contact details could be stored locally or in the cloud:

The facial recognition data for the face may be stored in association with the name and address for the face. For example, a record in a database with a facial recognition data field, a name field, and an address field can be created or updated. More or fewer fields may be present. The database may be stored on the client machine 110 or 112, or on the server 118. In some example embodiments, the client machine 110 or 112 accesses the server 118 to retrieve facial recognition data for facial recognition on the client machine 110 or 112. In other example embodiments, the client machine 110 or 112 accesses the server 118 to transmit an image for facial recognition on the server 118.

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If Apple implements this facial recognition technology for photo sharing, how it is going to implement cloud-based processing or storage as Apple has always adopted pro-privacy policies.