Apple Ships iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 from India – Boost to Make in India Efforts

Wistron, Apple's contract manufacturer has started shipping iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 from Bangalore, India. Make in India – an ambitious indigenous dream project of Prime Minister Modi gets a boost.

India’s dream to turn into a manufacturing hub/destination for foreign brands and labels is indeed getting a huge shot in the arm. This will indeed provide necessary fillip to India’s, and in fact, it’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ dream come true.

Apple’s contract manufacturer Wistron Corp based in Bangalore, India has started shipping Apple-branded iPhones to European Union, revealed Economic Times in its news yesterday.

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Apple Begins to Ship iPhone Models to EU from India Through Its Contract Manufacturer Wistron

The news report also quoted Neil Shah, Analyst at Counterpoint Research – Mumbai based Hong Kong Headquartered strategic and operational solutions provider firm, saying, “iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are being exported in quantities of under 100,000 units a month.”

Since past ‘few months’ according to Shah that Apple iPhone’s have set to sail to Europe and its hinterlands.

Wistron has been making iPhone 6 since 2017 and iPhone 7 since early this year in India, according to the news.

Apple itself has been facing the brunt of the US-China trade war and has conveyed top suppliers apart from Wistron, like Foxconn, Pegatron among others to move about 15-30% production out of China. Foxconn has already set up a 250,00 units manufacturing facility in India and about 70-80% of it is likely to go in exports.

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Do you know, 1.25 Billion population holder India is now turning out to be a potential market for smartphones having about 5 billion users as of 2019? Currently Chinese players like Xiaomi, Oppo and leader from Korea – Samsung dominating the market there. In the premium market segment above INR 30K price band market share, Samsung leads followed by OnePlus and Apple standing third even with higher volumes sales.

With support from Apple contract manufacturers, under this Make in India project, local manufacturing will boost with foreign manufacturers seeking indigenous parts and supplies to the tune of 30%. It will also make India an attractive destination for reputed foreign manufacturers to set shop and invite massive foreign investments boosting indigenous manufacturing.

Apple too has the advantage over other countries to move production to India with its trained manpower, talent, resources, and conducive business environment that Government has laid our red carpet literally to foreign manufacturers to bring their production facilities and offer significant incentives in return.

As Apple finds its groove in India as its manufacturing base, do you feel India could be ‘the global manufacturing’ for other big companies of the globe? Has the ‘Make in India’ dream project of Prime Minister Modi really taken off? Say a few words and enlighten us please. Thanks from iGeekBlogs News Team.

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