So far, Apple has been refreshing the design of iPhone every two years. However, the current cycle is likely to be broken as the tech giant will reportedly take a year longer to bring full-model changes to its smartphone.

As per a typical two-year term, Apple was expected to bring an all new design with its upcoming iPhone 7. Nevertheless, the next-gen flagship smartphone to be launched this fall will have only a few new features including dual camera, smart connector etc.

iPhone 6s Plus

Apple to Change iPhone Design Every 3 Years [Rumor]

“Apple will likely take three years between full-model changes of its iPhone devices, a year longer than the current cycle. In a typical two-year term, fall 2016 was supposed to see a major upgrade. But the changes on the model to be launched this autumn will be minor, such as improved camera quality”. Nikkei, the Japanese website.

The reason behind this move is reported to be the slowing market and the very little room left for bringing standout functionalities.

“Less frequent redesigns will significantly affect large-lot suppliers in Japan, Taiwan and other parts of Asia because of their heavy reliance on iPhone manufacturing”.

Last year, the Cupertino-based company was able to sell over 230 million handsets. But, in the wake of a record decline in sales during last quarter, the unit sales are likely to go down even further this year.

India was the only bright spot for the company as iPhone sales grew by a whopping 56% during the previous quarter in the country.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook visited the country to cash in on the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. It’s in talks with the Modi government to open retail stores in India.

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