Apple Pushed in Tight Corner By Screen Time API Proposal

Following Apple's crackdown to remove or restrict parental control apps, the developers of 17 apps have come up with a technical solution. The developers are asking that Apple should release a public API with functionalities that Apple's Screen Time has.

Apple’s cleaning spree of parental control apps from its App Store supplied good fodder to leading media to accuse the tech giant of supporting its own Screen Time and punish third-party apps. To defend its actions, Apple gave a response to media, quoting The New York Times article.

Apple removed 11 of 17 popular screen time and parental control apps, citing that the apps were misusing DMD tools. Now those 17 developers/companies, affected by Apple’s crackdown.

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Apple Should Release A Public API with Functionalities That Screen Time Uses

According to The New York Times, “The companies (affected) on Thursday proposed the creation of an application programming interface, or A.P.I., a common bit of software that enables computer programs or apps to work with one another. The companies said the A.P.I. could tap Apple technology that would allow them to track screen time without invading privacy.”

“Right now, technologically, only Apple has the right to do it on their devices, and we believe Apple should let everybody get a go,” said Viktor Yevpak, the head of Kidslox, a parental control app that has been targeted by Apple.

This Screen Time API proposal has put Apple in a tight spot ahead of its World Wide Developer Conference to be held in June 2019.

Apple took up the defensive position following accusations of using its power to get higher fees on downloads of apps and in-app purchases from the third-party apps that challenge Apple’s native apps.

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Who is the brain behind Screen Time API?

Interestingly, Apple’s former executive, Tony Fadell, encouraged developers to come up with a technical solution to Apple’s criticism.

“Apple has frequently created A.P.I.s to encourage app developers to use its technology. While the 17 app makers released a technical proposal on how it could work, a new A.P.I. would have to come from Apple itself.”

The Cupertino-based tech company declined to give any comment on this proposal for Screen Time API.

Summing up…

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Since Apple declined to make any comment about this Screen Time API proposal, all eyes are now waiting for an official statement on Apple’s News Room. Let’s hope Apple creates a win-win situation for developers and its App Store.

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