Apple is set to build its first Asia-pacific research and development center in China with a view to boosting the investment in the country. In the wake of the huge drop in iPhone sales and the cut-throat competition in the biggest smartphone market in the world, the tech giant is planning to wrest the decline.

As per the official Chinese state broadcaster, Cook told Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, one of China’s senior officials, that the new research and development center will be built by the end of the year.

Apple to increase investment in increasingly tough China

The announcement has come months after the head of China’s industry and technology regulator in May requested Apple to strengthen its cooperation with the country in research and development.

“Nihao, Beijing! It’s great to be back. Started my trip today by visiting with the incomparable Guo Pei. Thrilled to see how her team is using iPad Pro as Guo Pei designs her new collection.” Cook posted on social media venue Sina Weibo.

Apple to Build its First Asia Pacific R&D Center in China

“Apple Inc will boost its investment in China, one of its most important but increasingly difficult markets, and build its first Asia-Pacific research and development center in the country, Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Tuesday.

Demand for Apple’s phones has plummeted in China, and the government maintains a wary attitude towards foreign technology. This is at least the CEO’s second trip to the country in four months,” Reuters.

iPhone sales in China fell by a third in the last quarter. With the iPhone 7 is just about to be launched next month, Apple doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in reversing the fortune.

Currently, Huawei and Xiaomi are leading the Chinese smartphone market. Apple is at the third place in terms of total smartphone sales in the country.

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