Apple Revokes Google’s Access to App-Development Tools

Apple has revoked Google's ability to test apps as the company has temporarily pulled essential app-development tools from the search engine giant.

Whether it is a small developer or a giant one, Apple treats them equally. The technology brand has shown this neutral approach to search engine brand Google. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has “temporarily pulled important app-development tools from Google.”

According to people close to this matter, Apple finds that Google has broken some rules. This reminds us of how Apple had taken similar actions against Facebook recently.

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Apple Cancels Google’s Enterprise Certificates Temporarily

Following this access revoke, Google employees were not able to access test versions of iPhone apps they were working on. Moreover, they could not use internal apps related to transportation scheduling and food.

On Thursday, Apple reinstated the access as it had restored Facebook’s access earlier.

Apple approves app developers after following an app review process; for those who have got “enterprise certificate” from Apple, they can work on iPhone apps without going through that review process. Facebook and Google used this enterprise certificate to collect data on user activity for internal research.

When TechCrunch reported this earlier, both companies stopped this activity of collecting data. First, Apple punished Facebook, and now it has taken stringent actions against Google as well.

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Since large organizations rely on enterprise certificates to test iPhone versions of their apps, the development work comes to a halt when their access to these certificates revoked.

Facebook has to face more damage since many Google employees use Android devices.

The actions taken by Apple against the two popular apps are appreciated by many, but this can put Apple in jeopardy if Instagram and Google Maps (which are used by people every day) are not updated regularly, people might adopt other handsets running on Android operating system.

Summing up…

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If you look at the gravity of rule break, Facebook’s was more severe and invasive as the “Social media channel could see much more traffic from users’ phones. The social-networking company also monitored teens, paying them $20 a month if they signed up with parental consent”, Bloomberg reports.

According to Paulo Andrade, a software developer, Facebook and Google have broken Apple’s rules even though there were differences in the kinds of data both companies collected. This move of Apple sends a clear message to big companies that they cannot escape Apple’s tight clutches if they fail to follow the company’s rule book.

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