Apple has opened the registration for 2016 summer camps for kids in North America and several Eurasian countries. The annual summer camp, where kids aged 8 to 12 can attend Apple Retail store, aims to teach kids how to create interactive books and movies using iDevices.

The summer workshops are going to be hosted between 10.30 A.M to 3.30 P.M. local time. The camps will open on several dates between July 11 and August 12, in the United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Apple Retail Summer Camp 2016

Apple Retail Summer Camps – 2016 for Kids

Parents are advised to sign up at the earliest owing to limited spaces available on a first-come, first served basis. The workshops of 2016 have been named as “Stories in Motion with iMovie” and “Interactive Storytelling with iBooks.”

A third workshop named “Coding Games and Programming Robots” is to be offered specifically in the United States, the United Kingdom. During this program, kids will be taught visual block-based coding for games, apply logic skills as well as problem-solving. Moreover, kids will also learn how to program their own robots.

Parents or the legal guardian will have to accompany their children attending the 2016 summer camps during the each workshop. After the initial registration is confirmed, the parents will be able to register their child. Kids will get a youth-size Apple Summer Camp t-shirt.

It’s a very significant approach to not just attract the young and aspiring kids but also inspire them to learn something really good. As a kid, I would have loved to take part in such programs and be able to learn quite a lot of interesting things.

Especially for the future app developers, these workshops can prove to be a catalyst in their lives. To have the opportunity to learn how the program to one’s own robots is indeed exciting, isn’t it?

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