A retina iMac has been rumored for quite sometime now. Apple finally unvieled a 27-inch iMac with the best retina display you could ask for. It’s calling it the Retina 5K Display.

The retina iMac is also one of the thinnest displays ever spanning 5mm at the thinnest edge. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here’s some of the specs of the new iMac Retina.


Retina iMac Features

Retina iMac Features at a Glance

5K Display

The iMac Retina is not coming with the industry-standard right now – 4K. Instead, it is packing a punch with what Apple calls the 5K display. A 5K display has 67% more pixels than any 4K display. And with this, we’re looking at something really huge. 14.7 million pixels on a 27-inch screen. Sounds like overkill to me but hey, this is Apple and we’re talking about setting new standards.

The display has a total resolution of 5210×2880 pixels. If you put a 1920x1080px HD video there, it will occupy 1/5th of the screen resolution.

30% Less Energy

And yet, the iMac with Retina display will be using 30% less energy. This comes with features like a special chip control that’s called a timing controller. This controls the display. There’s an Oxide TFT which Apple says stores charge for longer duration. There’s a lot at work behind those 5K screens.

But, of course, the display is not the only thing. The iMac also packs a punch with some pretty decent/standard specs under the hood.


The Retina iMac ships with an i5 chip that clocks at 3.5GHz. You can, however, upgrade to a 4GHz i7 during purchase.

As regards graphics, there’s an AMD Radeon 9 chip.


The new iMacs will feature a 1TB fusion drive (another example of setting an industry standard for desktops).

All new iMacs will feature 8GB of RAM.


The retina iMac costs $2499 (compared to the non-retina which costs $1799). You can buy the iMac (Retina) from today.