Apple Reduces Older iPhone Production: Rosenblatt Securities Reports

Even as Apple is cutting production of its older iPhones, the tech giant is making all efforts to produce its 2019 iPhones on schedule. However, following bitter relations between the United States and China, Apple won’t be able to maintain its market share in China.

According to Rosenblatt Securities prediction, Apple to reduce its older iPhone production in the third quarter. Rosenblatt Securities shared this information with AppleInsider.

Analysts at Rosenblatt Securities believe that Apple won’t be able to maintain its market share in China following its sour trade relations with China, even if the tech giant sticks to its 2019 iPhone manufacturing schedule.

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Apple Maintains 2019 iPhone Production Schedule

AppleInsider got this information from a “smartphone supply chain” note to investors. Rosenblatt believes that Apple to slash its orders for “older iPhone model production” for the third quarter. However, the agency didn’t reveal which models will be affected by this change.

Surprisingly, Apple has maintained its 2019 iPhone production schedule. This indicates that Apple will release its future iPhones on the dot as Apple is likely to keep the production schedule where possible.

About Apple’s 2018 models, Rosenblatt thinks Apple increased inventory for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in the second quarter.

“It is plausible the higher inventory could be from reduced shipments, though it could also be from Apple not cutting production for the models as time draws closer to the launch of new handsets in September.”

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For iPhone XR, “normal Q2 seasonality” is the cause for its declining sales and the model is said to be faring worse. On the contrary, iPhone XR was claimed to be the most popular smartphone in North America during the March quarter.

About the loss of iPhone’s market share, Rosenblatt cites “increasing tension between the US and China” as a primary reason. This is in line with what other analysts have to say about sales of the iPhone in China. Since the United States have imposed restrictions on Huawei, it is anticipated that Chinese consumers won’t accept Apple products.

Signing off…

When it comes to market share, Apple has a clear loss in China as the trade ties between the two nations are bitter. Apple has to explore other markets to increase the sales of its future iPhones.

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