Apple has retained its position as the most valuable brand in the world for the fourth consecutive year, according to Interbrand’s annual rankings. Google has been ranked as the second most valuable brand.

In spite of the record decline in iPhone sales in the previous two quarters, the Cupertino-based company has continued to remain the biggest brand surpassing major rivals including Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. Its valuation increased by 5% to $178.1 billion.

Apple Ranked as Most Valuable Brand for 4th Consecutive Year by InterbrandApple Ranked as Most Valuable Brand for 4th Consecutive Year by Interbrand

Interbrand's Apple 2016

“Apple shows how ecosystems drive value. Analysts have often pointed out that “Apple has superior products.” While true, this opinion undersells the brilliance of Apple’s functionally integrated model. Its software, hardware, and touchpoints are connected not just by beautiful design aesthetics, but by a level of interoperability that justifies the Apple premium and discourages defections to another platform. And the more data you share, the more personal it becomes – adding new devices is painless and the thought of switching increasingly unpromising. Apple is the Alpha of Cohesiveness in full effect.”

As per the study, Apple’s brand value has consistently risen since 2002, when the second largest smartphone maker was worth $5.2 billion. However, the tech giant has failed to make Interbrain’s list of the top growing brands in 2016.

In the coveted list, only Coca-Cola, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and GE are not from the technology industry.

IBM and Amazon have also been included in the list. The brand value of Coca-Cola decreased by 7% to $73.1 billion. The study has revealed that its brand value has continued to decline ever since it was topped by Apple in 2013.

This news must have come as a huge relief for the iPhone maker. With the better than expected sales of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the tech giant has got the much-needed boost it desperately wanted post the unprecedented decline in iPhone sales.

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