Apple Promotes iPad Pro as Computer: Targets Young and Dynamic Users

Apple encourages users to embrace iPad Pro as the tech giant gives five reasons iPad Pro can be the next computer. Watch the video and read this story to know how Apple is promoting iPad Pro among young users.

Our editorial room began to pick up the heat as the discussion was going on: is Apple killing its products by launching other similar products? A case in point is iPad Pro, which has begun to replace MacBook Air or Pro. And my colleague found a video published by Apple on its official YouTube channel with a bloggish title: 5 reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer.

After watching this video, any sensible person will be convinced that Apple is going to promote its iPad Pro range. At the same time, it is subtly conveyed that Apple wants to target young and dynamic users, who are always on the go.

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Apple Promotes iPad Pro as Computer in its Latest Ad: Is iPad Pro Your Next Computer?

This reminds me of another video ad Apple published last year. Both the videos ask the same question: when are you going to replace your computer with an iPad Pro?

The latest video blatantly gives you five reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer. In more than one way, Apple inspires you to use iPad Pro more than any other computer, let alone MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Coming back to my previous statement (Apple is killing its laptop range by making iPad more powerful), Apple seems to have bigger plans to convert the entire laptop user base to iPad Pro. This means the tech giant is inviting Windows users as well to ditch their laptops and PCs in favor of iPad Pro.

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If you carefully read the copy, Apple compares or rather proves the better performance of an iPad Pro by delineating its features.

#1. It is more powerful than most computers.

#2. It’s a scanner, camera, notepad, cinema, editing suite, music studio, book, and a computer.

#3. It goes anywhere and stays connected everywhere.

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#4. It is as easy as this.

#5. It is even better with Apple Pencil.

Finally, the video hits a punchline, “Like a computer, unlike any computer.”

In its last line, the brand convinces you that it is like a computer, unlike any computer.

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Summing up…

By improving the features of iPad Pro 12.9-inch, Apple has already indicated that it is going to make it more popular and usable among users. Another observation is that Apple is targeting early adopters, i.e., the young and dynamic generation, who is always on the go.

Down the line, Apple may have plans to inspire users to adopt iPad Pro. Though Apple didn’t mention two crucial features of latest iPad Pro – USB-C port and Face ID – experts believe Apple might include them in its future ads.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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