Apple Promotes Five Executives to Vice Presidents: Reports Bloomberg

Apple introduced five new vice presidents in senior management roles recently. These include Bob Borchers, who left the company to work at Google and Dolby and later returned.

Apple’s senior management has seen a bit of a reshuffle in the past couple weeks. In particular, the company has appointed five new vice presidents, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Who are these individuals who were promoted? According to the report, Paule Meade was made VP of hardware engineering. Meanwhile Jon Andrews became VP of software engineering. Gary Geaves is now VP of Acoustics, and Kaiann Drance is VP of marketing. In addition to these four, Bob Borchers returned to Apple from career stints at Google and Dolby Labs. Borchers was also made a VP of marketing.

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Five New Vice Presidents at Apple

Apple themselves didn’t reply to Bloomberg’s request for comment on the promotions. However, there is plenty of information about these individuals and what they have done so far at the world’s most valuable company.

Paul Meade has recently been leading Apple’s augmented reality efforts from a hardware perspective. Gary Geaves oversaw the development of audio technology in the AirPods and the acclaimed HomePod speaker system. Kaiann Drance’s career in Apple marketing has been on the rise for quite some time. Drance went onstage at the Apple Event to announce the iPhone 11. Meanwhile, Jon Andrews came to this position after spending a considerable amount of time overseeing Apple’s operating system efforts.

We think that Meade and Geaves will be executives to watch over the next couple years, as wearables and new software functionality like AR are vital parts of Apple’s medium-term growth strategy.

These promotions didn’t occur in a vacuum, though. They took place in the backdrop of some major departures from the company. Over the past months, several senior executives have left Apple for elsewhere. These include Jony Ive, Steve Dowling, and Angela Ahrendts. It’ll be interesting to see what these new executives will accomplish during their tenures.

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