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Apple Products From 2020

Despite the global slowdown, 2020 has quite literally been an eventful year for Apple, with three virtual product launches that gave us two new Apple Watches, the new iPad and iPad Air, and the first Macs with the M1 chip. Moreover, the tech giant slipped in some surprise products, too, such as the latest iMac Pro, the iPad Pro, the second-generation iPhone SE, and the AirPods Max without official events to unveil them.

As we step into a brand new year with more exciting things to come, the iGeeksBlog team decided to look back on what they loved most from Apple this year and why.

Apple M1

Dhvanesh Adhiya, CEO & Founder

Apple M1 Mac Review Dhvanesh

The new Mac lineup with Apple Silicon brings unbeatable performance with power efficiency into the personal computing domain. It’s all set to cause reverse disruption. What has worked on smartphones is now going to disrupt the PC industry.

The tight integration of CPU, GPU, and RAM in an integrated chip is particularly impressive. What I’m going to enjoy the most are the cross-platform apps.

Harshanki Thakker, Content Writer

Apple M1 Mac Review Harshanki

I’m going to go with M1 MacBooks. A lot of reasons to support this launch. They are the firsts of their kind and offer a lot. They are extremely fast, cost-efficient, and yield better results.

More than the functionality, Apple’s strategy is intriguing with this launch because it raises questions like the future of M1 chips? What is the future of Intel-powered Macs? The more curious you get, the more questions you will find unanswered.

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MacBook Air M1

Nikhil Makwana, Creative Head

Apple MacBook Air M1 Review Nikhil

I love the compact design of the MacBook Air, and the M1 chip brings a significant performance boost to the device, making it much more capable than its Intel-powered predecessor.

This has been proven by the benchmark tests wherein M1 scored 1750 for single-core performance and 7648 for multicore performance, which is way better than high-performance desktop CPUs.

Not only this, it has better battery life, cross-platform apps, a fan-less design, and a lot more that remains to be seen!

Ankur Thakur, Technical Writer

Apple MacBook Air M1 Review Ankur

MacBook Air with M1 chip is my favorite Apple product of 2020 because it is crazy powerful, fan-less, has a long-lasting battery, and no Touch Bar! MacBook Air perfectly fits my work needs! And though I would not buy it this year (because I do not buy 1st Gen products), in 2021, when the second version comes (maybe with a Touch Screen), I would be seriously interested in owning one.

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AirPods Max

Jignesh Padhiyar, Director

Apple AirPods Max Review Jignesh

For ages, wearing over-the-ear headphones felt bulky and caused sweat. However, no headphone maker got an idea to change the design and improve the user experience. Apple has offered a unique design that, unlike others, has an upside-down curve. This, along with a canopy made from breathable knit mesh, will make users feel more comfortable without having a bulky feeling on their heads.

Moreover, no other company has ever thought about enhancing the ear cushions, which tend to tear over time. Of course, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Spatial audio are also remarkable features.

Mahima Vora, Content Writer

Apple AirPods Max Review Mahima

The headband design is something I’ve never seen before and one that’ll fit perfectly. The overall fitting will allow me to do all kinds of activities with my headphones on without fear of dropping them. Plus, the music quality will be unprecedented. There will be literally zero drawbacks in the quality of sound that it delivers.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max

Nishant Desai, SEO Analyst

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Review Nishant

The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are both impressive flagship phones, and they’re great for various users. Apple’s Pro phones are precisely matched on display quality, performance, and photography.

The iPhone 12 Pro is most suitable for those who want a compact device. But I favor the iPhone 12 Pro Max for its larger screen and nearly three hours of extra battery life, And the photography differences are subtle yet significant. The 12 Pro Max’s camera offers better night mode and video results.

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iPhone 12 Mini

Aashka Gandhi, HR Executive

iPhone 12 mini Review Aashka

The main reason why I liked the iPhone 12 mini is because of its blend of latest features and size, which will make it effortless to carry and easier to use with one hand. It also fits better in pockets. The amazing looks and fast performance makes it the “king of small phones.

Even as someone who was not very familiar with Apple products, watching the events and launches this year made me feel that the iPhone 12 mini is one of the most desirable devices out there.

Nidhi Bohra, Content Strategist

iPhone 12 mini Review Nidhi

While M1 Macs and AirPods Max are making the loudest noise, I would go with the underdog – iPhone 12 Mini. Partly out of sympathy and partly for its handiness. I mean, come on, no one seems to be thinking about the problems of small people!

Besides, this is also the first time the brand has released a mini version making it more affordable. It looks like a great strategy to increase overall market share.

Palak Shah, HR Executive

iPhone 12 mini Review Palak

I think the iPhone 12 mini is the best Apple product released this year. It is exciting since it symbolizes a comeback of compact phones with powerful specs. This gives more choice to users without compromising on innovative features. I think many people will prefer compact phones again as they are easier to carry and slip into a pocket.

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iPad Air

Chriswell Christian, Graphic Designer

iPad Air 2020 Review Chriswell

The 2020 iPad Air is the best value among Apple’s iPad lineup and a slam-dunk for the tablet of the year. The lower-cost iPad is still perfect, but I think the higher price is worth it, especially because this is a tablet you’re going to be hanging onto for years.

It’s not just about the A14 processor; the less-reflective display is a big improvement. The compatible Pencil is harder to lose, and better Wi-Fi makes a major difference in daily performance.

Mehak Siddiqui, Senior Content Writer

Apple iPad Air Review Mehak

The new 2020 iPad Air is going to be my pick. The launch video was incredibly cool and showcased the extensive creative possibilities that this tablet offers. Plus, it adds more color to Apple’s product lineup while also featuring an impressive balance of sleek design and powerful specs. The new sky blue color has captured my heart.

It’s pretty neat how Touch ID has been incorporated into the power button to reduce the size of the bezels and create a bigger display that resembles the higher-end Pro models.

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iPad Pro

Jeet Suthar, Graphic Designer

iPad Pro 2020 Review Jeet

My choice will be iPad Pro 2020, as it represents a significant milestone for the iPad. By offering a real keyboard with a touchpad, it’s a much closer competitor now than ever before with the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X.

And the iPad Pro gives you snappier performance and longer battery life for your money. You also get better cameras with the iPad Pro, and the ability to run a new class of AR apps, two areas where the Surface Pros are far behind.

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iPhone SE 2020

Yash Adhana, Content Creator

iPhone SE 2020 Review Yash

If I have to talk about my favorite Apple product from 2020, it has to be the iPhone SE 2020. The new iPhone SE surely has an old design, but it is the best-budget iPhone ever for most of the users who focus on performance.

The A13 Bionic chip makes it as fast as the iPhone 11 yet compact enough to use with one hand. And the fact that it has the same advanced photography features, such as Portrait Mode available on Apple’s pricier flagships, makes it even more attractive.

Just by holding, it makes you feel that you are holding something snappy, powerful yet compact. Yes, I agree that iPhone 12 Mini is also compact, has an even more powerful processor, a dual-camera setup – but hey, at iPhone SE’s price point, I don’t think any other phone even stands a chance.

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Apple Watch Series 6

Aanal Patel, SEO Executive

Apple Watch 6 Review Aanal

The Apple gadget that excited me the most this year is the 40 mm Apple Watch Series 6. It has the same form factor as before but with a powerful chip and more innovations. The blood oxygen feature in this pandemic time is a thoughtful addition. And on top of everything, the Solo Loop belt makes it comfortable even while typing, etc. Overall, I love wearing it daily, and it has been a great companion.

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Apple Watch SE

Suraj Padmasali, Digital Marketing Head

Apple Watch SE Review Suraj

I’m going to go with Apple Watch SE. It’s a fantastic smartwatch at a reasonable price. And due to the COVID situation, health and safety have become a top priority for all. Apple Watch SE has some cool features like fall detection, heart rate sensor, noise monitoring, and Emergency SOS that makes it excellent for all kinds of users.

Although certain aspects of WatchOS 7 are exclusive to the higher-end Series 6, the SE has a lot to offer, including new watch faces. My favorite aspect is how it helps me achieve my fitness goals while also keeping me organized and on schedule every day.

Mayank Sharma, Senior Content Writer

Apple Watch SE Review Mayank

Out of all the innovations unveiled this year, I liked Apple Watch SE the most because it doesn’t compromise with features and looks despite such a low price. It’s available in the same dial sizes as its elder sibling and has inherited all features apart from the always-on display and ECG and Blood Oxygen apps. Besides, it also supports family setup, making it the best smartwatch for new buyers and kids who don’t own an iPhone.

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HomePod mini

Arshmeet Hora, Senior Content Writer

HomePod Mini Review Arshmeet

When it comes to Apple, I am inclined towards several products launched in 2020. But what stood out the most is the HomePod mini for one. The smart speaker sports an affordable price point. Plus, its integration into Apple’s ecosystem is seamless.

From Handoff to Intercom, there are tons of features that I am currently exploring and enjoying. And thanks to its compact & stylish form factor, it suits my desk perfectly. Though, what I love the most is that it punches way above its height, plus Siri’s puns are way better than Alexa’s.

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Mac Mini with M1

Pruthvi Panchal, Social Media Strategist

Apple Mac Mini Review Pruthvi

The Mac mini doesn’t get upgraded often, but when it does, it makes an impact. The same goes for M1 infused Mac mini launched in 2020. Apple Silicon takes this little powerhouse to new performance highs. And with a new lower starting price, the Mac mini is the most polished, robust tiny desktop in its class.

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What was your favorite Apple product of 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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