App Store Is a Safe & Trusted Place for Customers: Apple Says

Apple firmly believes that safety and trust of customers are two goals of the company behind its App Store. Defending strong criticism for its App Store policies, Apple says it has created a win-win situation for customers and developers.

Apple’s dedicated page of ‘Principles and Practices‘ has come into being after blizzards of criticism on its App Store policies. The tech giant, of late, faced the bad press for showing doors to some apps that compete with native Screen Time. However, Apple cleared some facts about parental control apps later.

A couple of months ago, the iPhone maker addressed Spotify’s claims that Apple is blocking the streaming service’s access to products and updates to its app. And now Apple has come up with a standing solution to all such claims and accusations targetted to its App Store policies.

Apple Answers Critics Of App Store Policies with a Page: Principles & Practices

The idea behind creating this page is to defend App Store as there were some scathing attacks on Apple for its unfriendly policies towards app developers. To demystify the clouds, Apple says, “84% of apps are free, and developers pay nothing to Apple.”

“Like any fair marketplace, developers decide what they want to charge from a set of price tiers. We only collect a commission from developers when a digital good or service is delivered through an app. Here are some of the ways developers commonly make money on the App Store.”

The company believes in competition to make everything better and results in the best apps for iPhone and iPad users.

“We also care about quality over quantity, and trust over transactions. That’s why, even though other stores have more users and more app downloads, the App Store earns more money for developers. Our users trust Apple — and that trust is critical to how we operate a fair, competitive store for developer app distribution.”

Last, Apple made an excellent attempt to avoid antitrust accusations by arguing that the company does not have any dominant position in a market, which is ruled by other brands of smartphones, laptops, and streaming services.

Summing up…

Even though there are accusations on Apple for charging high commission rate (30%) for in-app purchases, the platform provides 20 million developers an opportunity to do business. From more than one billion App Store consumers, developers have earned over $120 billion to date.

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