In our recent information, we mentioned that Apple had plans to move from LCD to OLED display from 2018; the information came from a report published on Nikkei Asian Review.

This report also stated that Samsung and LG would be the sole suppliers of upcoming OLED display screens. With reference to that, LG Display had reported its plans to expand its production capacity.

Apple to Use OLED Display for iPhone

Apple Plans to Replace LCD with OLED Display with iPhone 7s in 2017

While there are some news reports coming in this context, Apple has confirmed to get on its iPhone segment with OLED technology in 2017. This indicates that users can expect OLED display in iPhone 7s series.

It isn’t as easy as it seems when a company moves from one technology to another. Apple will have to take care of some unimportant features of OLED screen. One of which is degrading over a period of time. Apple is known for its quality benchmark, thus, they will have to take utmost care while shifting to OLED technology.

Another challenge Apple has to face is the quantity; Apple requires a large number of OLED displays. Seamless supply is inevitable to completely implement OLED technology.

One more concern is that Apple will be appointing manufacturers from Japan and Korea, which means there will be two different companies manufacturing for Apple.

In this regard, Apple will also have to handle quality issues from different manufacturers and also make sure that they do not have to face issue similar to Chip Gate.

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