In a bid to enhance its presence in India, Apple is planning to open 500 physical stores in the country. Under its new Authorized Mobility Resellers (AMR) program, Apple is planning to open these stores at strategic locations in 12 major cities of India. The store will house Apple’s mobility products, especially iPhone, iPad and related third-party accessories.

Indian media house NDTV Gadgets has got news that Apple is identifying the partners it wants to work with as part of AMR program; the news agency also revealed that more than 100 partners have already signed up.

Apple to Expand Retail Presence in India

Apple Plans to Increase Market Share in India

Reading between the lines, Apple has uploaded a job listing on its website that requires suitable candidate to be responsible for selecting store locations “within identified micro markets with a city.” This clearly indicates that Apple seems to have identified the cities and the areas within the cities.

Apple has laid down strict terms and conditions for stores, which need to agree with size and design of the store.

However, Apple is offering better margins as compared to other retailers, who will be supported by Apple in terms of trained staff to help consumers make buying decisions.

Apple never sells its products at discounted prices; but of late, the brand has changed its distribution model and has allowed retailers to sell products like iPhone, MacBook and Air to gain market share.

Apple is planning to adopt similar strategy with its AMR partners; this indicates that AMR partners will be allowed to sell products below MRP.

Apple has high hope of achieving its goal to capture larger share of Indian smartphone market; at the same time, the brand is in no mood to introduce low-cost iPhone that many think Apple should introduce in countries like India. If the AMR program will receive tremendous response in India, Apple will follow the suit in other markets also.

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