PRODUCT(RED) iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max by Apple: Rumors

Another rumor about Apple product! This time, the sketchy report uploaded on Chinese social media website by iGeneration. As per the reports, Apple is planning to launch the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone Xs series.

Rumors, sketchy reports, and gossips! Everything is acceptable if it is about Apple products. According to a Chinese media report on the social media platform Weibo, Apple is likely to expand its iPhone Xs range by including new red color this month.

This news was published by iGeneration. It is believed that some factory workers divulged the details, and hence, it sounds incredible for many industry insiders, who tend to trust authentic sources.

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Sketchy Reports Say Apple to Release Red iPhone Xs/Xs Max This Month

The new devices are branded as PRODUCT(RED), and it would join the red iPhone Xr Apple has sold since its launch.

Notably, there were many rumors about the PRODUCT(RED) circulated during the iPhone X cycle. However, nothing came out concrete.

Apple, though, launched PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus during the cycle. Since Apple released PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 in April 2018, analysts believe that new colors of iPhone models in February would be earlier than its regular schedule.

The latest iPhone models have failed to impress Chinese consumers, and therefore, Apple is planning to roll out the color to give iPhone Xs sales a fillip.

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To woo local customers, Apple may name the product ‘China Red’ instead of the normal PRODUCT(RED).

For the last few weeks, there have been rumors about green iPhone Xr. Now, this is something really far-fetched.

Since the rumors have come from a not-so-reliable source, we have to wait until an authoritative voice confirms the report.

There were many occasions in the past when Apple had surprised users by rejecting the rumors.

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Summing up…

It is known to all that Apple’s iPhone models (2018) have failed to perform well on the sales charts. For this reason, Apple may adopt a gimmick to boost unit sales. When an Israeli website reported about a rumor that Apple will leave out many devices in its next software version, many analysts construed this move as Apple’s plan to encourage device upgrade.

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