Original Podcast, Quality Content to Drive Apple’s Monetization Efforts

Apple Podcasts and iTunes have been relatively adFree despite huge popularity but not monetized. Now plans are afoot to enhance and acquire quality podcast, thereby generating revenues through these platforms.

All will agree that listening to Apple iTunes and Podcasts feels exhilarating. Exclusively available on App Store, one can download the same on either iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Mac, or Apple TV Plus, anytime.

So far, this Podcast business (audio and video) was never pursued as money-spinner by Apple. This sector has seen other competitors – Spotify and Stitcher lead the marketplace, and undoubtedly, Apple does possess a good reputation in this sector. Thus, Apple will wish to build a steady revenue stream by acquiring and building a repository of original Podcasts, according to Bloomberg sources.

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Apple iTunes and Podcasts Deliver Quality Audio, Video And Music Content For Its Consumers

In 2005, Apple launched its Podcast service. Then, late Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, announced, “Apple is taking Podcasting mainstream by building it right into iTunes.” He also informed then that over 3000 free Podcasts and each new episode would then be broadcast directly over the Internet to Apple computers and iPods.

Over the years, Apple continued building a steady content stream with no focus on advertisement or other revenue making tool to say so. Today, Apple iTunes and Apple Podcasts feature free quality content for its consumers to download and listen. Apple leads among all Podcasts content providers, attracting between 50-70% listeners on its platform.

Free content provision ramped audiences for Apple as it confirmed that the fact that there were over 550,000 podcasts at WWDC 2018 in early June, this year. An article in Variety dating Feb 2018 said: “Apple Podcasts … features more than 500,000 live podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages. It’s no surprise that those numbers are climbing daily.”

For Apple, Oliver Schusser heads the Podcasts and Music vertical assisted by Ben Cave, helping him at Strategy. These two top officials will play a vital role in strategic content acquisitions, as mentioned earlier.

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Apple Plans to Acquire Quality Podcasts Content and Monetize The Platform

Apple now plans strategic quality content acquisition, eyeing potential revenues (greenbacks!) generating opportunity in Podcasts. It aims to reach out and scout for quality Podcast content providers.

Apple Podcasts runs on unique, engaging, and value-added quality content. They got it right by hiring talented actors, directors, musicians, and other content providers who can attract global audiences. These Podcasts do carry ads, but revenues generated through them are not so significant, sources said.

So, will you be happy to see ads on the original Apple Podcasts? It may be the new norm, but in return, you will see great content, too!

Do you agree whether it will hamper your viewing habit, or merely distract seamless viewing? Should Podcast be monetized?

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