Apple OOH Consumer Awareness Campaign for Data Privacy in India

Apple Data privacy campaign on TV, Social Media, and other media launched in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram on July 28, 2019. Move seen as an attempt by Apple to profess its famed data privacy policy and add fans.

For Apple, data privacy is paramount, and to explain its stance to its Indian customers, it has set up an OOH (Out of Home) public awareness campaign, says Economic Times. In this regards, one line explains all: ‘We believe security shouldn’t come at the expense of individual privacy.’ This means Apple does not share any consumer’s data with anyone according highest data security and confidentiality.

Apple’s range of iPhones, iPods, iMac, Mac Pro, and other products carry the hallmark of quality and rigorously pursues much-touted data privacy policy that it stands for. There are several ways the company collects information or its partners do so, which may compromise on the privacy of their consumers. Apple OOH Campaign raises the ‘Consumers Awareness’ quotient on its data privacy policy.

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Apple India OOH Campaign Ups Consumers Awareness about its Data Privacy Policy

Now in India, Apple through a multi-platform OOH consumer awareness program that went live on July 28, 2019, focusses on promoting its much-acclaimed data privacy policy subtly. “The Indian leg of the privacy campaign will begin from 28 July across out of home (OOH) platforms in Bengaluru, Gurugram and Mumbai, and television advertisements, besides and social media. The television ads will feature a privacy film featured on Youtube,” said a person aware of the details of the campaign to the Economic Times.

Also, it puts up a strong case for Apple iPhone, in general, to be an ideal smartphone in terms of data privacy and vanguard of personal information security. Industry experts and media have spoken highly of the campaign while commenting on the data privacy policies exhibited by Apple in the Indian context. It is pertinent to note that Indian Government too, is mulling over to put in place a Data Regulatory Guideline to reign in ‘data miners,’ and ensure proper ‘localization’ and secure storage takes place in India, without compromising on the user’s privy.

Apps & Social Platforms Collect Personal Data Which Can Be Compromised

Apps & various other Social Platforms collect personal information which can be compromised. The campaign gains prominence for the fact that third party Apps on Apple App Stores available exclusively for iPhone users, usually pick up personal information via logins and other means. This, in turn, compromises on the user’s privacy. Here too, Apple conducted a cleanup campaign removing thousands of such spurious personal ‘data collecting’ Apps that would compromise the privacy of an individual. 

The above moves came following the infamous 2018 Facebook-Cambridge Analytica (CA) political scandal where they had sourced FB members data in a political advertisement campaign without consent of its millions of its platform members. Much brouhaha raised and finally, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had to testify in front of the US Congress.

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Apple Data Privacy Campaign Sets the Tone as it Vies for Indian consumers market

Apple Campaign Ups Consumers Awareness about its Data Privacy Policy

Coming back to the campaign, Apple will attempt to bridge the communication gap that it was so far not tried for till date in India. Also conspicuously, it will try to garner sales of iPhones as it lags behind most of the smartphone market leaders like Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, etc.,  through such campaigns.

In one of its appended remarks for privacy campaign in the US last year, it stated:

Your privacy matters. From encrypting your iMessage conversations, or not keeping a history of your routes in Maps, to limiting tracking across sites with Safari. iPhone is designed to protect your information.’

So, the lines are drawn, and the tenor of the Indian Data Privacy Campaign for Apple iPhones is all out. How will the consumers view the same while Government hawks zoom in closing its policies for protecting consumers and ordinary citizens alike, is left to be seen?

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Were you able to check out its US campaign on Youtube released on March 15, 2019? To what effect does it convey the message on data privacy and the degree of importance it bestows on the subject of extraordinary value to a lay consumer?

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