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Apple is still using the old LCD technology in its iPhone and iPad segment, while other smart phone manufacturers have joined OLED club with their flagship models. Currently, Apple uses OLED display only in Apple Watch, but as per the reports from Nikkei Asia, Apple is expected to implement new OLED technology in iPhones.

OLED display helps in energy efficiency, which ultimately results in better battery life. According to the reports, Apple has already notified OLED manufacturers about its plan, to move from LCD to OLED in 2018. At present, Samsung and LG manufacturers OLED displays, but it does not seem feasible to implement the new technology on full scale; taking in consideration the limitation in production.

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Apple to Use OLED Display for iPhone

Apart from production limitations, there are technical limitations as well; OLED screens are famous for degrading over a period of time. According to the reports from Nikkei, Apple has already been in talks with leading display makers to work a way out and eliminate these technical challenges.

Coming back to production challenges, LG has already shown its plans to expand production capacity by setting up a new large-scale line for OLED panel production at its main plant in the northwestern city of Paju. In addition to that, LG Display has also shown interest in setting up a new smaller-scale at its factory in the southern city of Gumi.

Compared to LG Display, currently Samsung is the only company that can mass produce OLED display for mobile devices; while LG has a good track record for producing OLED display for television screen. From all this, we can be sure of one thing, that these two companies will be supplying large portion of OLED display to Apple.

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With the new OLED technology Apple has to make certain changes to its interface as well, moving from White background to little darker; in order to get the best out of OLED display. Another benefit of OLED screens is that, they can be bent to a certain extent, which will help Apple, in case they are trying to make some changes in their iPhone designs.

Since Apple introduced their first iPhone in 2007, company has been running with LCD technology, and that needed an upgrade. Apple has been keen on making upgrades every year under the hood, but with this OLED shift, user experience will definitely move to next level.

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What are your views on OLED display technology? Should Apple make this shift or stick to its LCD technology? Share your feedback with us in comment, on Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.

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