Apple Music Tips for the Folks Who Love to Belt Out

Wish to discover the songs your friends are listening or stream your favorite songs right from Facebook Messenger? Take a peek at the cool Apple Music tips that can liven up your music experience. And yes, do not forget to tell us some cool tips that you have concealed in your heart!

Slowly but steadily, “Apple Music” has become my go-to music streaming service. Boasting a massive library of songs, original content and several significant features, Apple’s music streaming app is all set to topple Spotify in the USA thanks to the rapid growth. Having used it for long to entertain myself, I have compiled some must have Apple Music tips that can definitely spice up your music time.

Love jamming with your favorite song? There is a way to let you get along with the rhythm perfectly. Oh yes, I’ve also mentioned a way to instantly find out what’s keeping the music time of your friends on fire!

Apple Music Tips to Rev Up Your Music Time

Create a custom radio station in Apple Music

If you are fond of listening to a certain type of music, you can create a custom radio station. To do so, activate Siri and ask it something like “Create an opera radio station.”

Get the Lyrics of Any Songs in Apple Music

Love jamming with your favorite songs? You can get the lyrics of a song to sing along a song that’s currently playing.

When a song is playing, tap its name at the bottom of the screen. If there is Lyrics available for that song, tap Show and then go full throttle! For more info, head over to this post.

Listen to your favorite songs when you are offline

You can listen to your favorite songs when you are offline. To do so, tap + to add a song, playlist, or album to your personal library. Then, tap on the Cloud icon to download an item to catch up with it even when you don’t have the Internet connection.

Share A Song in Apple Music

Sharing a song in Apple Music is a breeze. Select the song you want to share then touch and hold it. Tap on the Share button in the menu and then select the preferred medium to send the song. To know more, jump over this quick guide.

Create Apple Music Social Profile

Would it be great if you could create your Apple Music social profile? Yeah, that would be really nice. With iOS 11, you can make your Apple Music profile to discover what your friends are listening to. Head over here to know more about it.

Prevent Apple Music from Playing Explicit Content

Don’t want Apple Music to play explicit content on HomePod? You have the option to stop the music-streaming service from doing so. Follow this hands-on guide to get it done.

Disable Apple Music Listening History on HomePod

You can choose to disable your Apple Music history on HomePod if you don’t want anyone to tinker with your special collection. Jump over to this post to find out how it works.

Switch Apple Music Account on HomePod

Switching Apple Music account on HomePod is pretty easy. If more than one person uses the smart speaker at your home or office, you may, at times, need to change your account. Refer this post to know how it works.

Add Songs to a Playlist in Apple Music Without Adding It to Library

Do you know that you can add songs to a playlist in your Apple Music without adding it to your library? If you don’t want the library to get cluttered, this is the way to go.

Repeat Songs, Albums, or Playlists in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Though repeating songs or playlists in Apple Music is straightforward, some of you might not be aware of it. Check out this quick tip to find out how it’s done.

Use Apple Music Chat Bot in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and PC

If you are using Facebook Messenger, you shouldn’t miss out on this cool feature. Using Apple Music chatbot in Messenger is absolute fun. It can spice up your messaging time. Head over to this post to know how it works.

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