WWDC 2015 kicked off with a spectacular show and biggest announcements on software updates. Before the event, there were expectations and estimations galore worldwide as to what Apple was going to announce in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Moreover, people also expected some surprises on Swift as it was announced last year. If you have witnessed the entire event, you must have noticed that Apple has put emphasize on music. So what is there in Apple Music?

Apple Music WWDC 2015Revolutionary Music Service

Apple has touted its Apple Music as Revolutionary Music service and began its Music section with a great video about the history of music. Tim Cook said, “Today we’re announcing the Apple Music, the next chapter in music.”

Apple Music in 100 Countries

Before the event, it was highly expected that Apple would get into the business of music, and it turned out to be true. Apple announced Beats One – the first 24/7 radio station from Apple in 100 countries with Dr. Dre, Will I Am, Pharrell, and Drake as DJs. Apple’s going to be making a big deal out of Beats One.

Beats One & Beats Connect

Along with Beats One, Apple also launched Beats Connect that lets unsigned artists connect with fans. This all looks very nice but nothing here is particularly different than any other streaming service. Apple is just better at interface design than everyone else, except when they got stoned as hell and did that bubbles thing.

Siri + Apple Music

One of the prominent features of Apple Music is its connection with Siri. Siri + Apple Music are the best thing about Apple Music. So it’s a streaming service, a radio station, and… Instagram? Apple is launching Apple Music in 100 countries with Android this fall; Windows and Android versions are available. It will cost $9.99 a month and if a family of six members subscribes to this service, it will cost $14.99 for a family.

Spotify…A Tough Competitor

However, there is a big question whether Apple needs to differentiate to succeed. Making a dent in a market dominated by Spotify is a mammoth task as Spotify has got more than 60 million users, with 15 million paid subscribers. Spotify has covered almost entire US since it has entered this market in 2011. On the other hand, industry experts say that Apple has more than 800 million credit cards on file and the brand can capitalize on this user base and give Spotify a tough competition.

There is more to Apple’s music juggernaut. Keep following us and we will give you more exciting stuff from the world of Apple Music.