For Apple fans, here is music to their ears. Apple Music has finally surpassed its archrival Spotify and enjoys more number of paying subscribers in the United States.

A major distributor in the US has released a report that mentions subscriber tallies of several music streaming services, which include Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Sirius XM.

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Apple Music beats Spotify, Enjoys More Subscribers in the US

Apple Music beats Spotify, Enjoys More Subscribers in the US

As per the report, Apple Music now is at the top position in the United States. This report proves Apple’s top position in on-demand music streaming services.

Sirius XM Satellite Radio enjoys more than 33 million subscribers in North America.

Note that Apple has not gained a tremendous margin over the rival Spotify, as both services have more than 20 million subscribers in America, and Apple is just a hair ahead. To protect confidentiality, the source has not revealed the exact subscriber numbers beyond ’20 million plus’.

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The data doesn’t consider trial users in this comparison. This 2018 report shows that Apple is experiencing stronger rate-of-growth in the United States, and its music streaming service will see a wider lead in the coming months.

If you remember, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Music would come up as a leader. The media claimed that “Apple’s U.S. subscriber-account base has been growing about 5% a month, versus No. 1 Spotify’s 2% clip”.

Based on this data, WSJ predicted that Apple Music was ‘on the verge’ of surpassing Spotify.

Industry insiders say Apple’s limited discounts enabled it to lead the tally, while Spotify paid the price of its freemium approach and cut-rate plans for students.

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There are 45 million subscribers of Apple Music globally; the data includes 5 to 10 million estimated free trial users.

Spotify has more than 70 million paying subscribers worldwide, with an estimated 160 million overall users.

Any common user can say that Spotify is an undisputed leader. But there is a catch. If you check the number of streams of Drake’s Scorpion album, you would realize that Apple is leading the race.

Apple Music has witnessed as many as 170 million streams of ‘Scorpion’ album by Drake. While Spotify could garner an estimated 130 million streams.

The difference clearly tells that Apple is gaining ground in terms of user engagement. On the other hand, Spotify has to suffer on account of an extreme promotional push for the release. This means Spotify’s active users are actually not ‘active.’

What is your choice?

Apple Music was first launched in 2015, and since then, it has faced toughest competition from Spotify. For the first time, Apple Music has tasted success. Apple has a good chance to show Spotify the doors.

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