What could be great news for millions of music lovers from around the world, Apple Music is now available at a more affordable price. Apple stores, as well as select retailers, have launched a new 12-month Apple Music gift card which has been priced at just $99.

As per the new plan, users will have to pay just $8.25 per month. It is almost 18% discount as compared to the earlier price of $9.99.

Apple Music Gains Discounted

Apple Music Now Available at Just $99/Year, $8.25/Monthly

The new gift card had been recently rolled out at Apple Stores. As per reports, the discounted Apple Music gift card is currently unavailable from Apple’s online store. Moreover, it may not be available at all the retailers or Apple Stores. Besides, there is no option to purchase the 12-month subscription from iPhone-at least for now.

You can get it via email delivery from Walmart and PayPal’s official eBay storefront.

With a view to giving Spotify an intense competition or surpassing its numero uno status, Apple has continued to offer bonanza on its premium music-streaming service. No wonder, the relationship between the two has strained in recent past with Spotify accusing the tech giant of bias attitude towards it.

Students can have a huge discount of 50% and families up to 6 people have to pay just $15 per month.

With over 15 million paid users, Apple Music is the second most popular music service in the world. Some experts believe that the days are not far away when the Cupertino-based company will take over the market leader.

Sensing enormous threat, Spotify is believed to be going harsh at the artists who launch their albums first on Apple Music.

With over 30 million monthly paid users, it is still far ahead from the second-placed Apple Music. However, the fast rise of Apple’s music service seems to have infuriated Spotify.

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