Apple Music 503 iCloud Connection Error: How To Fix It

Here's the guide to fix Apple Music 503 iCloud connection errors. A bit lengthy process but surely useful for time-being, until Apple fixes the issue.

Every now and then there are some or the other glitches annoying Apple Music users. Recently, many of the users were getting ‘The shared library “Cloud Music Library” is not responding’ error while trying to access Apple Music. The error would dismiss and another attempt will resume the playback.

Strange thing is that the error appears even if no music is being played. This is really annoying, isn’t it? There is a solution which should work; it is not technical but rather a tedious one. Have a look at the possible fix given below.

Apple Music 503 iCloud Connection Error

How to Fix Apple Music 503 iCloud Connection Errors

Step #1. Turn Off iCloud Music Library on all your devices (Go to settings → Apple Music → Turn Off iCloud Music Library)

Tap on Settings Then Apple Music on iPhone

Turn Off iCloud Music Library on iPhone

To turn it off on iTunes, open iTunes on your Mac/PC → go to Preference and uncheck iCloud Music Library under General tab.

Click on Preferences in iTunes

Turn Off iCloud Music Library in iTunes

Step #2. Now, update your iTunes to the latest version.

Step #3. Once the update is completed, launch iTunes in safe mode. In order to do so, press and hold Command+Option and launch iTunes. On a Windows PC, you will need to press and hold Control+Shift and launch iTunes.

Step #4. Now click on Restore Library.

Step #5. When prompted, select Restore Library again to start the process.

Step #6. Now turn ON iCloud Music Library on all your devices.

That’s it; try playing any track in Apple Music to check whether the issue is resolved or not. It should have been definitely resolved.

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