Apple Loses Out J.J. Abrams To WarnerMedia In Bidding War

Renowned American filmmaker J J Abrams and his company Bad Robot will continue to create and develop movies, TV shows and digital contents for WarnerMedia. In a bidding war, WarnerMedia and Bad Robot are now in the final leg of conversations.

Bad Robot probably doesn’t like to take instructions from Apple and Sony. I am sorry to beat around the bush. Let me cut a long story short. Famed production company Bad Robot is inching towards the final deal with WarnerMedia.

Notably, when Apple announced its video streaming services, J J Abrams was on the list of Apple’s confirmed and most expected original TV shows and series.

Bad Robot Likely to Strike a $500 Million with WarnerMedia

Even as the deal between Bad Robot and WarnerMedia is not sealed, sources believe that both the companies are close to it. Bad Robot is a production house run by J J Abrams and his wife and co-CEO Katie McGrath.

This proves that money alone can’t buy you the best talent in any industry. Apple has huge cash and it can utilize this cash pile to take the brand to new heights.

Apple, along with other big names, lost out to WarnerMedia, which has been fielding for Bad Robot. The other well-known players are Sony, Amazon, Netflix, and Comcast.

People must be interested to know the size of this deal; it is around $500 million. As per this deal, Abrams and his company will produce and develop new projects for WarnerMedia. The content genre includes movies, TV, and digital platforms.

Hollywood Reporter notes, “Warners, Comcast and Disney are planning streaming services in a bid to compete with Netflix, Amazon and Apple, with the latter entering the originals business last year … With WarnerMedia expected to unveil its direct-to-consumer subscription platform in the fourth quarter (in beta), keeping Abrams in the fold was considered a high priority for the independent studio.”

Abrams and Apple are still working on three shows: the Stephen King adaptation Lisey’s Story, starring Julianne Moore; Sara Bareilles’ Little Voice; and the Jennifer Garner vehicle My Glory Was I Had Such Friends.

That’s all!

Summing up…

Apple is determined to make its video streaming services a considerable success. The company has already roped in highly talented artists to create quality content. The tech giant has also allocated a budget to create Oscar-winning films.

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