Apple Likely to Launch Face ID and Touch ID on the Same iPhone and iPad

While Apple is in the middle of storm clouds, there is a silver lining for this tech giant. As per Patently Apple, iPhone maker is planning to include Face ID and Touch ID in the same iPhone/iPad. Isn't it challenging for Apple?

According to Patently Apple, Apple is planning to launch future iPhones and iPads with both biometric authentication technologies on the same device. The website, which celebrates Apple’s spirit of the invention, claims that the tech giant is likely to launch future iOS devices with Touch ID and Face ID.

Interestingly, many iOS users still like the old ways to unlock iPhones/iPads as they believe Touch ID is safer than Face ID. However, facial recognition technology has been improved by Apple in its second round of X series of iPhones.

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Upcoming iDevice May Feature Both, Face ID & Touch ID and Apple Watch May Have Face ID

In its patent, Apple notes, “Techniques for implementing biometric authentication using electronic devices are generally cumbersome. For example, some existing techniques, such as those directed to facial recognition, require a user to almost perfectly align a biometric feature in the same manner during both enrollment and each iteration of authentication.”

The company further added, “Deviation from the alignment of the biometric feature often results in a false negative result. As a result, a user is, optionally, required to unnecessarily perform multiple iterations of biometric authentication, or is, optionally, discouraged from using the biometric.”

Since Apple doesn’t want to discard Face ID, it is planning to keep both technologies on the same device. As the patent image shows, the user will first try to use Face ID, failing which, they will go for Touch ID. Apple also offers ‘Passcode’ option if users don’t want to use biometric authentication.

Apart from dual biometric authentication on the same device, Apple also wants to surprise Apple Watch users by introducing face recognition on Apple Watch. This will be truly revolutionary for Apple as the current generation of smartwatches does not have camera and TrueDepth technology, which is essential for facial recognition.

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Android phones have successfully launched fingerprint registrations on device displays. Apple, as always, doesn’t want to lag. We are sure that Apple will perfect this technology and introduce both biometric authentications in its future iPhones and iPads.

Summing up…

As happens with other features of Apple devices, Face ID sometimes fails to work. Had this been a negligible glitch, users would have ignored. But when this issue hampers daily transactions and payments, users would think twice to use Face ID feature on their iPhones and iPads. Integration of Touch ID and Face ID in the same device will be a breakthrough achievement for Apple.

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