Apple likely to come up with an AR Headset; ARKit 2 hints at the possibility

AR headset is the next big sensation at Cupertino, as the tech giant is believed to be working on this pet project secretly.

When Apple announced ARKit 2 at its WWDC 2018, the entire developer community rejoiced with the idea of designing new apps to impress iOS users. However, then onwards, there was little information we received from Apple on ARKit 2. And Harley Turan surprised all.

In the midst of all speculations and guesstimates, Turan’s tweets lead us to believe that Apple is likely to come up with an AR headset. It seems that Apple has kept this AR project a hush-hush matter from the media. Apple has a reputation for surprising users without tom-tomming about its future projects and promises.

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Apple may launch AR device in 2020

However, skeptical minds will always ask for evidence. Probably the tweets from Turan can convince those who don’t believe Apple’s AR headset project.

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Users, who are not using iOS 12 betas, may not accept that Apple is hell-bent on making progress in the area of augmented reality.

Reddit user bwjxjelsbd first spotted the tweets of Harley Turan, who believes that tracking capabilities of ARKit 2 are “advanced” and further adds that testing the updated system is like “playing in the future.”

iOS 12 and ARKit 2 have come up with notable upgrades in live image detection and tracking, and this was seen in Turan’s testing videos.

Moreover, if you see Turan’s video of augmented reality web browsing, you will find that the system is customized for an augmented reality headset.

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The AR device has been a long-standing dream of Apple and there were quite a few rumors spread for the last six months or so. As mentioned above, Apple will hardly speak openly about its products and software pieces, as the company likes to throw surprises in its developer conferences.

Earlier too, there were some speculations about Apple’s augmented reality device, as reported by Bloomberg’s tech reporters. But there hasn’t been anything concrete.

If you are thinking about the design of the device, it may look like a pair of eyeglasses. Further, you may not have to connect the AR device to the Internet, as it could work as a replacement for a smartphone.

What about the release?

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Since it is a product, Apple cannot take chances because the product cannot be improved with an “over-the-air” update. You may expect this AR device in late 2019 or anytime in 2020.

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