Apple Inc. (APPL) is as perfect as its products in the tech industry. Considering the fact that it never compromises with the quality of products it provides to its customers and always seeks for improvement, the rumours may sound true.

For the past few months, the tech arena has been speculating on the rumour. The upcoming iPhone 6s will be equipped with Intel modem and not one of Oulacomm’s.

Intel To Produce Modem Chips for Upcoming iPhones

This rumour may affect all the “players of the game” (Apple, Intel and Qulacomm) as the launching dates of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been leaked.

Apple Likely to Build Future iPhones with Intel Model Chips [Report]

The “fire” erupted in March when sources of VentureBeat claimed that Apple might use an Intel XMM 7360 LTE modem, in the upcoming flagship iPhones and it was Northland Capital Markets’ Gus Richard, who indicated that Intel may have won up to 50% of orders for the iPhone modem, which almost suggested it.

Apparently, Qualcomm’s modems are built in TSMC’s facility using a 20nm process. Intel’s chips are also built by TSMC, but unlike Qualcomm’s units, they are manufactured using 28nm technology.

However, Qulacomm is still in the game and is the sole supplier of modems for iPhone 6s as Intel and Apple are working on the deal, which may fly off if Intel misses some important deadlines.

Apple might decide to rely on more than one supplier in 2017, allowing for Intel to join the party with its own chip. Intel will provide the fast wireless modem chip for a new iPhone in 2016.

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