Apple 5G MacBook to Debut in the Second Half 2020, says DigiTimes

Apple's 5G enabled MacBook to launch in second half 2020, predicts DigiTimes as the giant joins the new tech bandwagon a bit late. Choice of material selection and cost overruns may spike MacBook price tag.

After the rollout of service, Apple mulls a lineup of 5G compatible technology products like iPhones and now, MacBook, for H2 2020 debut, according to Digitimes report. It says Lenovo, HP, and Dell are expected to bring out 5G enabled Notebook models from their respective stables during the second half of this year.

Only four countries – The USA, China, South Korea, and Japan have launched 5G services in their countries. Verizon in the US has taken the lead with services launched in 5 cities last month. Now, Apple too is joining the race to launch the first few 5G technology-enabled products, and following iPhones, MacBook launch will go on the predicted lines.

Selection of Casing and Antenna Material to Play Important Role for Better 5G Performance

The report has described in details about the choice of material for the Notebook body and the antennas. Signals need to be received to ensure uninterrupted and unhindered communication of voice and data, for which it will all depend on the choice material of the outer casing and for the MacBook antennas.

On the body casing, the report informed that the metal casing in use for NoteBook cover could be a possible big hindrance for the reception of 5G signals. Here, the plastic body has been recommended to ensure easy penetration and offer clear reception of 5G signals.

Will Material Selection Lead to High Pricing of MacBook

In 5G mobiles, there are 11 inbuilt antennas for receiving signals efficiently that 5G Notebook will have between 13 to 15 antennas.

Here, ceramic antenna is recommended for more efficiency and performance of the Apple MacBook that will go up significantly spiraling upwards, the final cost too.

Dusting all away, Apple will like to swim the 5G wave first with iPhones, and next with MacBook. This move will signal its ‘handshake’ with the latest technology providing its customers and fans unparallel joy of AR/VR and host of other experiences.

As Apple aligns with 5G technology, confusing choices may delay new compatible product launches or force it to peg their prices. We understand all technology comes at a cost, but at what costs?