TheNextWeb points to a possibly credible story from Chinese techblog on the latest thing on wearable computing. Yeah, we’re talking about Apple’s iPhone smart-watch, sometimes rumored as iWatch.

The rumor emerges from two sources from the ‘supply chain’ according to The crux of the rumored information is that Apple is working with Intel to produce a Bluetooth smartwatch. Period.

There’s no indication of what kind of a collaborative effort this is but Apple has only now warmed up to Intel processors. For an iWatch sporting a 1.5 inch OLED display, it’s hardly likely that Apple would have to partner with Intel. Apple’s present crop of technology, should it decide to make iWatches like Sony has already done, is quite enough to propel its research department to producing necessary chips.

The rumor also mentions that the screen would be made of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)-coated glass made by RiTDisplay, a Taiwanese based panel manufacturer.

Apple iWatch

Wearable Computers As Future
For a large part of 2011 and this year, we’ve been hearing a lot of discussions in wearable computing. Sony, with a hugely unsuccessful product, pulled down the market predictions but in the last few months, a Kickstarter project called Pebble, which is all about smartwatches that are connected to the internet and can perform a few smart functions, has generated enough attention towards public interest in wearable computing.

To its credit, Pebble attracted a $10 million crowd-sourced funding with nearly 70,000 backers. But much more than that, it proved that wearable computers are definitely worth pursuing with a large amount of market interest.

2013: Apple iPhone Smartwatch Coming Up?
It’s all the rumored stage now so the whole thing may blow up into nothing or turn out to be very real. While we don’t intend to speculate on that, we certainly want to see more of sensible wearable computers.

So, is Apple trying to give us a surprise next year?