Apple iWatch Is a Good Idea: 10 Reasons Why

At eWeek, Don Reisinger wrote about why Apple’s iWatch is a bad idea. Now we don’t know for sure if there’s an iWatch in the making but here at iGeeksBlog, we are huge fans of the idea. We think and in fact, we believe that iWatch is a really cool idea to implement.

If you’ve been following us Facebook, Twitter or subscribed to our feeds, you probably know that of late, there’s been a lot of chatter around Apple’s iWatch. It has generated enough heat but the thing is, as far as the rumors go, we only suspect that the iWatch is under prototyping or early test production stage. I think that if at all the thing goes for full-scale production, we’ll hear something from one of the sources out there in the Far East.

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So when Don wrote why Apple’s iWatch is a bad idea, I sort of knew that most of what he said wouldn’t be very relevant. There are some good points though so you should take a look at it. But when you’re done, make sure you read this piece completely too. I’m not a hardcore fan to blindly accept whatever Apple does as good but this iWatch thing is something really impressive. And I sure hope it works out the way rumors point to.

Here’s 10 reasons why Apple’s iWatch is a good idea.

#1. It’s Time for Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is totally coming up. Google Glass just opened up for beta testers yesterday. Many people think that wearable technology can be an obtrusive facet but the possibilities it opens up is going to be enormous. And naturally, that’s what makes it a really disruptive technology.

#2. iWatch Reduces Phone-time
The basic premise of having an iWatch is not the fancy time, date, weather and alert stuff. What did the iPad actually do? It helped you reduce the laptop/PC-usage for your daily digital consumption (email, news, websites, books). That’s what iWatch would do: you don’t need to take your iPhone out every time for a call, message, email alert etc. And that makes a lot of things easier for people who do wear a watch but which only tells them the time.

#3. It’s a Niche Product
iWatch, like the iPod, would definitely be a niche product. I think Don got it wrong in saying that a niche product is a bad idea for Apple. Actually, Apple made millions in its early stage with niche products. That was Steve’s vision always. The NeXT computers were first made for educational institutes which makes them a severe niche product. The iPod was a niche product. When the initial design for an iPad began, it was a niche product. Niche product is a good idea.

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#4. It’s a renewed fashion statement
Watches aren’t actually out of fashion ever but their usage sure has reduced. When your smartphone can tell you the time, there just doesn’t seem a reason to get a tan on the wrist. But interestingly, an iWatch can be a style statement. A statement of status too, if you will, but that’s something we don’t want to talk about. It’s a “cool” thing and Apple has always wanted to make cool things.

#5. Apple Needs to Innovate
I would rather put this at the top. iWatch is a genuinely good idea because Apple needs to innovate. The iPhone, iPad and iPod ecosystems have gone stale with the most cutting-edge innovation being thinner and lighter products. There’s a lot of heat over iOS’s plateaued state of affairs too. An iWatch would give Apple the much-needed innovation factor that can put Apple’s focus on disruptive technology back.

#6. iWatch Makes Siri Even Better
The best thing about Siri is that it’s now a real technology. Unfortunately, it’s not a complete technology till you have an easier way to interface with it than having to talk to a phone which is awkward in public. But the whole idea of having Siri on iWatch makes it much more easier and gives Siri the much-needed simplistic interface.

#7. iWatch Is Safer
Don says the iWatch is an easier target. You know, it’s out in the open, on your wrist and possibly, easy to snatch away. While the threat of theft exists for both an iPhone and iWatch, I think on other terms, the iWatch is safer. I mean, you won’t lose your iWatch under the sofa. You’re not going to forget the iWatch back at the office. iWatch is always strapped to your wrist – you can’t forget it anywhere till you wear it.

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#8. iWatch Makes Life Simpler
iWatch, I seriously think, would make life simpler. First thing, it takes the iPhone out of your equation at least to the extent where you don’t have to pick it up all the time. Information is relayed to your iWatch (distractions! Yeah!) but this means it is easier to deal with messages, calls, alerts, email or other pings.

#9. A Watch is the Nearest to Comfortable Wearable Gadgets
While Google Glass is amazing in itself, it’s not something you’re going to be very comfortable wearing. The watch, on the other hand, is something that a lot of people still do wear. Sure, it’s not something really comfortable but neither is holding a heavier iPad (in comparison to iPad Mini). But people do because it’s useful. I think that’s a sentiment with the iWatch which will make it a successful product from a design perspective.

#10. iWatch can be Apple’s Answer to Project Glass
Most importantly, Apple doesn’t like to stay behind. It is either the first to do something really amazing (iPod/iPhone/iPad) or leapfrog when it’s left behind. In the case of wearable tech, Google got ahead. Of course, they’re not competing with the same product (like say Nexus and iPhone/iPad) but the genre is same. It’s the dawn of wearable tech and Apple – I’m quite sure – will make a giant entry into the market.

When would that happen? You’ll need to check out those rumors of iWatch release date for that but then, I’m betting on a full-fledged product announcement in 2014 if the rumors about those 100 people working on iWatch prototype is true.

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Note: It is generally accepted that by iWatch, we mean the wearable watch-like gadget. Some say that iWatch may be the TV that’s Apple been rumored to be working on. But hey, to make things clear, we’re talking about the wristwatches.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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