Even as consumers are coming to the terms with iPhone 6s, rumors of its successor are making rounds online. People are talking about iPhone 7 and expect many awesome features. A couple of days back, Apple fans were speaking about the device, which will have waterproof and dustproof design and a new casing material.

Now as per the reports from gforgames, Apple is testing five iPhone 7 different models with diverse features. Though you should be careful about believing this report, the website said that one of the models would reject the Lightning connector and replace it with a USB-C port.

Apple is Working on iPhone 7 with USB-C, Multi-touch 3D Touch

Report also revealed that Apple is also conducting tests for wireless charging technology, multi-touch Force Touch, dual cameras, and in-display fingerprint recognition.

For the last couple of years, Apple has received many requests from its users to introduce wireless charging technology; but Apple hasn’t paid heed to those requests. Industry experts, however, maintained that iPhone 7 wouldn’t boast wireless charging as “charging mats” are too bulky and look clumsy.

So how Apple would work on wireless charging testing? It is anybody’s guess!

About other features like multi-touch Force Touch/3D Touch, consumers might be expected to use their two fingers to hard press to bring options as against hard pressing the screen with one finger.

Another cool feature, which has been in conversation for long time, is in-display fingerprint recognition; this might allow Apple to push Home button into the history. Product design experts have been censorious of large top and bottom bezels on Apple iPhones; thus, if Apple removes the Home button, it would allow the brand to utilize more space.

Consumers and readers should be extra careful before they believe such reports. Brands like Apple are making lot of experiments in their research and development wings, and therefore, it is difficult to predict which design or technology would hit the market in the end.

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