Scam Alert: Gullible Apple iOS ‘Game Testers’ Vulnerable, Warns Singapore Police

Beware Apple iOS 'Game Testers' as new scam locks your iPhone, says Singapore Police. You lose money for getting your iPhone unlocked.

There is a new scam of the block as we hear about it from Singapore involving Apple iOS Game Testers.

Singapore Police has alerted general public that social media like Facebook is being used to lure gullible Apple iOS gamer as ‘game testers’. They are told to play and test free games in return for attractive payments.

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Apple iOS ‘Game Testers’ Lured in Job for Payment Scam Leading to Locked Apple iPhones

Scamster then asks the ‘game tester’ to log in the Apple iPhone punching the Apple ID which only he offers with Password. Note, you are not allowed to punch in personal ID and Password.

He tells the victim to enter these details, keeping his Apple iPhone in ‘lost mode’ and ‘find my iPhone’ function mode. Hey Presto! His iPhone gets locked instantly!!

Now, begins the ‘real game’ with the scamster bullying the ‘game tester’ victim to pay for unlocking the iPhone device or else he remains handicapped with a dead device.

Singapore Police Alerts Against Apple Account IDs and Passwords

When this scam came to the notice of Singapore Police, they immediately informed iPhone users not to log in their Apple accounts with IDs provided by strangers. Further, in their interest, it warned not to transfer money or give out personal information to strangers.

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There is an informative Scam Alert website in Singapore that helps victims of such scams.

Apple devices are globally used for across the world and there have been several scams involving Apple iPhones, Apple iTunes cards, etc. for quite some time now.

Globally, Apple iPhone and other device users have been marked out in such scams that have involved losses worth millions of dollars. Scamsters innovate and use ingenious methods to swindle gullible consumers, luring them with all kinds of baits such as money, free vacations, jobs, and so on….

Recently, we had carried news about phishing scam through Tech support of Apple. It lists out following points which are covered on

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  • Don’t trust your caller ID. Even if your caller ID says, a reputable company is calling, keep in mind that caller ID is easily faked.
  • Contact customer service directly. If you receive a call you are unsure about, look up the customer service number on the company’s official website. Call that number to confirm whether there is an issue.
  • Never give personal information to strangers. Never provide your full name, address, Social Security/Social Insurance number, banking information, or other sensitive information to strangers, especially someone who called you unsolicited.

There are numerous security apps available on the App Store to protect consumers from scams and scamsters using technology to prevent such incidents.

Take a note of the above latest scam. Stay safe and secured. Just in case you fall for one, then Apple Support will help you.

Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media.
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