Apple seems to have been inspired by BMW’s i3 as this car ‘could form the basis of Apple’s own supposed electric car project’. According to the latest reports from the German business magazine Manager, negotiations to use the BMW i3 body shell for Apple’s iCar started last fall.

However, experts from automobile and consumer electronics segments are in disagreement whether Apple’s move is beneficial or destructive.

Apple to Consider BMW i3 As A Design For Electric Car

Apple’s iCar Likely to be Inspired by BMW’s i3

On the other hand, Apple has always kept it a hush-hush affair whether or not it wants to enter the automobile sector.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook along with other senior executives visited the i3 facility in Leipzig, Germany during a series of discussions over technology cooperation between the two companies.

Notably, BMW and Apple have enjoyed a long-standing cooperation in advanced technology. It was BMW that first incorporated iPod recognition into a car a decade ago.

If Apple takes this decision, then it would be a major technological shift for this consumer electronic brand. Experts also believe that Apple has always changed the popular trends over the years and they are hopeful of this new venture Apple is going to take up.

In Germany, automobile industry is apprehensive about this collaboration as BMW would never think of creating its own rival as BMW wants to target the same customers as Apple is planning to capture.

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