Last year, Apple won the suit against Samsung and received almost half a billion dollars. 2015 was certainly a great year for the Cupertino-based giant. The luck seems to be favoring Apple in 2016 as well.

According to the news published by Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office have granted the company patent rights for its 12 design applications. The office hasn’t published a detailed report but a few images. There are a series of images, but we have covered the most relevant patents that really matters for Apple product users.

Apple Granted Design Patents Apple Store Glass Staircase, the Apple Watch

Glass Staircase design

Apple filed a patent application for its glass staircase, which was approved by the patent office. There is no official statement on when and which Apple Store will have this new staircase, but it is expected to be in one of the Apple Stores in China. The first patent granted to Apple was in 2007 for their New York store.

Three Apple Watch design Patents

The first patent is a basic design for Apple Watch body. According to the image, there does not seem to be major changes in design from existing Apple Watch.

The second patent reveals the Apple Watch with a leather band. There is no detail on what exactly the patent is about as it is just the set of images.

The third patent displays the Apple Watch with Milanese Loop Band. The patent granted say it as a “Wearable Device” and no further details have been mentioned.

There were few other notable patents granted to Apple today which you can find at Patently Apple website.