Apple’s “Gather round” Event: Everything You Need to Know

Apple's "Gather round" has introduced plenty of fireworks. Here is all you need to know about the new iPhones 2018 and Apple Watch that have been unveiled at the "Gather round" event!

Pretty much on the expected lines, Apple’s much-awaited “Gather round” event has brought the tech universe to a standstill. The tech giant has unveiled multiple brand new products including three new iPhones and the most advanced Apple Watch ever.

Even though the 2018 iPhones haven’t seen the all-new design and huge spec bumps, they still have got plenty to rule the smartphone industry. However, the addition of an LCD model with high-end specs at a much lower price can prove to be a game changer. No wonder, analysts are already expecting the smartphone to shatter or touch the previous records set by iPhone 6 series in 2014.

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Furthermore, Apple Watch Series 4 seems fully primed to further strengthen Apple’s hold on wearable tech. Everything from the design and superior functionalities, the smartwatch has become a remarkable asset for fitness lovers and folks who offer special attention to their health. But these are just the tip of the iceberg…

All You Need to About Apple’s Gather round Event:

Apple Watch Series 4

The first product that Apple has introduced at the Gather round event is “Apple Watch Series 4”. Sporting an impressive design and several advanced specs, the smartwatch is the envy to every fitness freaks.

Apple Watch Series 4 Features

The Large Display with Curved Corners

Without any doubt, the biggest highlight of Apple Watch Series 4 is the large display with curved corners. The edge-to-edge display is designed to enhance viewing and show more content. Moreover, the screen is over 30 percent larger that’s gonna liven up the viewing experience big time.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Large Display with Curved Corners

The watch features richer complications and the new watchface are primed to take the utmost advantage of them. The neon watchface looks really cool.

Breathe app works well as a new watchface to help you stay relaxed. Even better, you can now add contacts to watchface to access them instantly.

The re-engineered digital crown includes haptic feedback. Plus, the speaker sounds a lot louder now. And the mic has been moved to the other side to decrease echo.

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The back of the S4 is made of black ceramic and sapphire crystal. It helps the radio waves pass through swiftly and improve cell reception.

Dual-core 64-bit processor

S4 comes with a powerful new dual-core 64-bit processor and a new GPU. As a result, it offers two times faster performance.

Apple Watch Series 4 Dual Core 64 bit Processor

The advanced accelerometer and gyroscope provides all-day activity tracking and accurately identify swim strokes. Thanks to twice the dynamic range, it can measure up to 32g forces and 8 times faster sampling.

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With the support for Bluetooth 5.0, the watch now works more efficiently with the Bluetooth devices.

Can Detect Fall

What could be a wonderful feature for runners, S4 can now detect a fall. If the watch finds you being immobile for a minute after a fall, it automatically calls emergency services and sends your location to emergency contacts.

Three new heart-monitoring features

S4 comes with three new heart-monitoring features. First, it sends a notification when your heart rate is too low. The second and pretty handy feature is the screening for heart rhythm irregularities. And the third, the watch also offers a helpful opinion to ensure you stay on track towards cracking your goal.

Can take an Electrocardiogram

With the addition of electrodes to the back of the Watch, you can now use the digital crown to take an electrocardiogram (a record of a person’s heartbeat produced by electrocardiography).

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Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature

To take an ECG, all you need to do is just launch the app and put your finger on the digital crown. The built-in electrodes and crown detect electrical impulses from heartbeat and then to the watch’s chip.

This feature works pretty fast ( 30 seconds) and shows heart rate analysis. All of your ECG recordings are stored in Health app. Furthermore, it has already received certification from FDA.

Apple Watch Series 4 Battery Life

Apple Watch S4 comes with 18-hour battery life. The watch offers an outdoor workout time up to 6 hours.

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Personally, I would have preferred to get at least a couple of days of battery life. It would make the watch just a bit more user-friendly.


Apple Watch Series 4 Colors

Apart from the three aluminum finishes anodized in silver, gold, and space gray, the smartwatch comes in a gold stainless steel with matching Milanese band, silver, and space black stainless steel models.

Apple Watch Series 4 Price and Availability

Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS is priced at $399, while the cellular version comes for $499.

Note: Apple Watch Series 3 is now priced at $279.

At the launch, the Series 4 GPS is going to be available in 26 markets, whereas the S4 with cellular is to be available in 16 markets with 34 carriers.

Following are the countries where the S4 GPS will be available for pre-order on 14th September

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, UK, US and US Virgin Islands.

Below are the names of the countries where S4 cellular will be available for pre-order

Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, UK, and the US.

The new watches are all set to ship after a week from 21st. Besides, the watchOS 5 will be rolled out on September 17th.

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max: Wicked Combo of Speed and Unmatched Flair

Despite the lack of sensational specs, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max look very hot. While the 5.8-inch model continues to be adorable, the Max with the ultra-large display seems to be bang on for hardcore gaming and media consumption. Clearly, Apple has decided to take the phablet market head-on.

Tim Cook said that iPhone Xs (5.8-inch) and iPhone Xs Max (6.5-inch) are “by far the most advanced iPhones we have ever created.”

Apple's iPhone Xs and Xs Max Features

Design and Display

The screen covered in the new glass is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. The phones are made of surgical grade stainless steel, and boast gold finish on front and back. The two phones are available in gold, silver, and space gray colors. iPhone Xs has 60% greater dynamic range of colors than iPhone X display.


The best part is that the phones have IP68 water resistance. Apple has improved the water resistance standard this time on both models. It is IP68 water resistance on the two devices.


iPhone Xs and Xs Max A12 Bionic processor

The processor has also got a boost as it has Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, a six-core chip that uses 7nm process for the first time. This is the reason why Mr. Cook called the devices “by far the most advanced iPhone we have ever created”.


iPhone Xs lasts 30m longer than the X. iPhone Xs Max has the biggest iPhone battery ever, up to 90 minutes longer than X.

Three Storage Sizes

For the first time, Apple has gone beyond 256GB storage sizes. The flagship iPhones are available in three different storage sizes: 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.


iPhone is “the world’s most popular camera,” Phil says. iPhone Xs has a “remarkable new camera system”. It has 12MP wide camera and 12MP tele camera. Facial “landmarking” for better red-eye reduction and better portrait mode.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max Camera Feature

Smart HDR is the new feature. By using this feature, you can capture four frames with zero shutter lag with several interframes and a long exposure for shadow details.

For example, if you are capturing a photo and the subject is moving, its A12 chip freezes the subject’s motor functions and will not release them until you are satisfied with the quality.

There are some portrait mode improvements also. Apple has improved the quality of Bokeh.

As expected, iPhone Xs Max is by far the biggest iPhone yet, given its giant size. The phones are similar to their predecessors, however, there are two major differences: they are available in gold (which was not there last year) and more notably, iPhone Xs Max is visibly huge. As Cook said, it is not just the biggest iPhone ever, it is one of the biggest phones out there, period.

As rumored, Apple’s iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have just a few spec upgrades. These upgrades include the better dynamic range in the display, wider stereo sound from the speakers, and speed increases to Face ID.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max Dual Sim

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max come with the support for dual SIM. To be more precise, they will have the support for the use of two phone numbers and data plans with the help of a single physical SIM card and Apple’s integrated eSIM.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max Dual Sim

The carriers will have to add the support for the eSIM. The tech giant has said that this feature won’t be available during the launch and it will come later via a software update.

One more important thing worth noting is that China doesn’t allow the use of eSIM. And therefore, Apple is said to offer an exclusive version of the new iPhones to let users insert two physical SIM cards.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max Price:

The starting price for iPhone Xs is $999 for the 64GB storage variant, $1,149 for 256GB and $1,349 for the 512GB storage variant. The iPhone Xs Max starts at $1099 for the 64GB model. While the 256GB variant of the 6.5-inch phablet is priced at $1,249, the 512GB model comes for a whopping $1,449.

iPhone XR – The Killer of the Flagship iPhone

Without mincing my word, I can say that iPhone XR–Apple’s newest iPhone model has stolen the thunder. The tech giant has specifically readied it for the budget-minded smartphone users. And from what I can see, this iPhone is going to rule the sales chart thanks to the high-end specs that are found in the more expensive iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Apple iPhone XR Features

Design and Display

The XR features a pretty compact design. It’s made from 7000-series aerospace-grade aluminum and more durable glass.

It features 6.1-inches “Liquid Retina” display with the Notch at the top. With the support for the advanced TrueDepth camera, it also has the support for Face ID.

XR offers a bigger display than iPhone 8 Plus in a much smaller form factor. However, it doesn’t feature 3D Touch.

I don’t think the non-availability of 3D Touch is going to prove to be a deal breaker for many as this touch technology (termed by many as nothing more than a gimmick) hasn’t yet been embraced by everyone.

Single Camera

iPhone XR Camera

It has a single camera on the back, 12mp wide-angle (same as the Xs/Xs Max wide-angle camera). One great thing about it is that it also supports portrait mode. Besides, it also allows the option to change the depth of field after the photo is taken.

With the support for the advanced TrueDepth camera, it also has the support for Face ID.

A12 Bionic chip

Packed in with the A12 Bionic chip, the smartphone runs as fast as its other two siblings. And this is where it seems to pack a big punch.

iPhone XR Dual SIM

Just like its other two siblings, XR also supports dual SIM.

Multiple Colors

iPhone XR With Multiple Colours

The budget iPhone comes in multiple color options including white, black, blue, coral, yellow. For the folks, who like a colorful design, it can be a fine pick.

Available in Three Storage Sizes

XR is available in three storage sizes: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. For normal use, they seem to be on point.

The Price and Release Date

The LCD iPhone’s starting price is $749. It will be available for preorder on October 19th and ship from October 26th.

Stay Tuned for More

I’m really excited about the new iPhones. Of course, I’ve set my sight on the iPhone Xs Max but I think the XR is going to rule more hearts and minds. The inclusion of top-of-the-line specs and comparatively low price make this LCD iPhone damn good.

Oh yes, I had never been more impressed with Apple Watch. The S4 seems to be right on the money. As a fitness lover, I find it a huge asset and would like to put my hands on it.

Which is your favorite iPhone and what do you think of the new Apple Watch? It would be great to have your feedback down below in the comments. Download our app and remain connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to instantly access our latest stories.

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