Apple Calls CLW Findings ‘False’ on China Labor Law Violations at Foxconn iPhone Factory

Apple claims that the Supplier Code of Conduct is sacrosanct to it and its Contractors. It dismisses CLW findings and allegations as 'false' and claims working closely with them.

The stinging report titled ‘iPhone Illegally Produced in China – Apple Allows Supplier Factory Foxconn to Violate Labor Laws’ by China Labor Watch (CLW) about ‘iPhone City’ Zhengzhou Foxconn has put Apple in the dock, literally.

However, Apple announced in Bloomberg’s report that all the allegations regarding Foxconn – its largest iPhone contractor in China were ‘false.’

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CLW Alleges Serious Labor Law Violations Which Apple Denies As False

Apple announced, “We looked into the claims by China Labor Watch and most of the allegations are false. We have confirmed all workers are being compensated appropriately, including any overtime wages and bonuses, all overtime work was voluntary and there was no evidence of forced labor.”

Foxconn did not respond to media queries even though it was at the center of the controversy.

CLW, the labor watchdog organization based in New York, alleged serious labor law violations on the part of Apple contractor Zhengzhou Foxconn. The report covered various aspects in detail like employment terms (including hiring of temporary workers), working conditions, severance and related pay, fire safety, and training, etc. and was published yesterday.

Workers on the way to work in Zhengzhou Foxconn

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The 51-page report interspersed with pictures of factory premises and worker says Apple goes against its own supplier code of conduct to ‘ensure its suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically…’.

Workers face an uncertain future following flagging iPhone sales, retrenchment and abrupt recall subject to demands for Apple devices. During this new iPhone season, supplemental labor hiring of student workers as ‘dispatch’ workers to earn a few yuans as pocket money during vacation has indeed marred the reputation of both – Foxconn as well as Apple.

Apple addressing the excess employees on the Foxconn premises said it would work closely with the supplier to redress the issues.

Apple said, “When we find issues, we work with our suppliers to take immediate corrective action.” Apple is committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct, opens the six-page Apple Supplier Code of Conduct.

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The world’s leading company will not accept such a dim view of its contractor by a watchdog agency. But at the same time, its partners must ensure that labor laws of the country where they hail from, are followed in letter and spirit.

Apple is appreciated for its commitments to its employees, contractors, and customers, including on data privacy, that remains steadfast and trustworthy – as reliable as its iPhones and other products and services.

Apple may be a victim of a part of a sinister campaign to vilify it and pull down from the mantle it stands on. Very few companies can ever set a repute over years of planning and hard work.

Undoubtedly, it must acknowledge the millions who toil for the company to make products like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other services to be cherished, the world over.

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Image Credit: NYTimes

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