Apple Misses its 2018 Deadline of Launching AirPower

AirPower seems to be a distant dream for Apple as the tech giant couldn't keep its words of launching this wireless charging mat even in 2018. According to an expert, AirPower was facing overheating problems, and therefore, Apple didn't want to launch the product.

In September 2017, Apple announced AirPower, a charging mat that is claimed to wirelessly charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. But the tech giant failed to keep its words and missed the deadline in 2018. For more than a year, Apple users have been waiting for the product.

Notably, Apple promised to launch AirPower in 2018, but sadly, Apple has removed AirPower related contents from its official website.

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Apple Fails to Launch AirPower in 2018

As happens with other innovative Apple products, people were keen to use AirPower mat as it can charge three Apple devices (iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods) at the same time.

According to CNBC, “It’s a rare miss for Apple, which typically has a good track record of following through on product announcements.”

Apple users were under the false impression that the company would mention AirPower during the events held in 2018. It is worth mentioning that Apple organized events in March (iPad announcement), June (developer conference), September (iPhone event), and October (Mac event). But Apple didn’t mention AirPower or its status.

Upon asking about AirPower at the iPhone launch in September 2018, Apple representative kept mum over AirPower and only talked about products discussed on stage – three iPhones.

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Add to this, Apple removed all the information about AirPower from is official website after September 2018 event. Interestingly, John Gruber, a renowned blogger, suggested that AirPower was facing overheating problems.

Gruber said, “There are engineers who looked at AirPower’s design and said it could never work, thermally. … I think they’ve either had to go completely back to the drawing board and start over with an entirely different design, or they’ve decided to give up, and they just don’t want to say so.”

Summing up…

AirPower can be used by users, who are running short of time. Instead of plugging in three different connectors, a single wireless charging pad is extremely helpful as they can place the products on the mat. Many industry experts believe that Apple might have canceled its plans to launch AirPower in the near future.

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