According to various reports, Apple is going to implement OLED screen for its future iPhones (starting from 2017 iPhone). Considering the huge number of volumes, the tech giant is expected to have an extra supplier of OLED panels.

Currently, Samsung and LG are the two biggest manufacturers of OLED screen. Sharp is reported to be the third supplier before 2018.

Apple to Have an Extra Supplier of OLED Displays for iPhone 8“We will be ready before 2018 and ship (OLED panels) to customers,” Gou told reporters after the annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday.” Nikkei.

As of now, Sharp supplies display panels to Apple. However, it doesn’t have the OLED technology as yet. Foxconn has stated that it is going to invest 200 billion yen in order to help the company have the technology.

“Sharp currently supplies display panels to Apple, but it does not own OLED technology yet. Foxconn has said it will invest 200 billion yen to help Sharp develop the technology. The Taiwanese tycoon did not say whether Apple is among the customers that will order OLED panels from Sharp, nor did he elaborate on whether the panels are ready for smartphones.”

Going by the reports, it’s not yet clear if Apple will switch to OLED display for all iPhone models or adopt it for a few selective models.

Foxconn Technology Group, which is also known as Hon Hai, had spent a total of $3.5 billion to get a 66% stake in Sharp in early April with a view to manufacturing advanced OLED technology and secure the group’s status as one of the top panel suppliers for Apple in the future.

OLED panels provide sharper color contrast than the low-temperature polycrystalline silicon which is currently used for iPhones. OLED panels are also flexible.

iPhone 8 is expected to arrive with a new design, edge-to-edge display, front-facing camera, fingerprint scanner embedded on the screen and more.

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