Apple wants to loop you in. That is how the Cupertino-based company has sent invitations for its March 21 event this year. As the countdown begins, everybody is excited to know what Apple is going to offer to its consumers worldwide. There were many speculations thrown around for the last couple of days. But only Apple knows what it is going to offer.

Till then, we can only expect. Our wishful thinking may lead us to feel that something that we want to happen will happen, but after all, it is our wishful thinking. If we check the last WWDC 2015, though it was a developers’ conference, people expected that Apple might launch its own search engine. But there is no such search engine on World Wide Web.

Apple March 21, 2016 Event Expectations

So this event is packed with full of surprises. But we can always expect something as we did last year.

Apple Event March 21, 2016: Expectations

4-inch iPhone

To give its competition some nightmares, Apple launched large-screened iPhones in 2014. The two were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; in 2015, Apple continued its allegiance with large screens and launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This has disappointed some users, who were ambassadors of 4-inch iPhone. Apple itself witnessed a massive fan-following of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. So this time, Apple is likely to go back to its small-screened iPhone. There were rumors that the phone will be called iPhone 5SE; but later, it was confirmed that it is going to be iPhone SE and not iPhone 5SE.

Apple Watch wristbands

A couple of months back, Czech Apple Store Site displayed a black Milanese loop Apple Watch band; this has created much excitement, but industry experts had rejected this rumor as another teaser from Apple. This time again, people expect new Apple Watch bands for their smartwatch. Don’t expect a new Apple Watch, guys.

iPad Pro

Though Apple has already launched iPad Pro with a large 12.9-inch size in last September 2015, this one is likely to be 9.7-inch iPad. According to leaks of iPad case, it seems that it could be a 9.7-inch iPad Pro with up to four speakers. Apple may retain the same old headphone jack on this new iPad Pro; while the cut-out under the camera highlights the possibility of LED flash. It is also said that Apple may allow third-party keyboard makers to connect directly and not through Bluetooth as there is a smart connector on the long side of the iPad.

An OS update is very unlikely in Apple’s March event but this iOS 9.3, which is just an update, can be seen today. This iOS 9.3 is presently available in beta for developers and testers only but is expected to go live for the public. It will remove some bugs that could put your iPhone and iPad into the danger zone. With iOS 9.3, Apple Pencil will start working smoothly as it will also remove bugs in that pencil.

A new MacBook has the least possibility today. But the possibility cannot be rejected like all the three MacBooks – MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – haven’t been updated for a long time. Moreover, retailers have rolled out massive discounts on the current 12-inch MacBook Pro, and this could be an indicator that a new MacBook is in the offing.

All in all, the event is going to be a typical Apple event – full of expectations and surprises. Let’s see what comes out of the bag of Tim Cook.

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