Ive’s Departure Will Have No Impact on Apple’s Future: Says Employees

If a survey conducted by Fortune and Blind is to be believed, Apple's employees do not think Jony Ive's departure will actually make any difference to the company. From the 100 employees surveyed, 52% said Ive's resignation wouldn't have any impact on the company.

Instead of making wild guesses and beating around the bush on Ive’s resignation, Fortune has taken a wiser decision. This global media organization, along with Blind, an anonymous social network, surveyed Apple employees and asked about Jony Ive’s flight.

And the results can surprise all those, who claimed that Ive’s resignation would make specific impacts on Apple in the future. Ive has designed some of the most iconic Apple products, but his departure does not affect Apple, which will continue to be a leader in the world of mobile technology.

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52% Apple Employees Believe Ive’s Resignation Won’t Affect the Company’s Future

During the survey, more than 100 Apple employees were contacted on Monday and Tuesday. 52% of employees of Apple said that Ive’s resignation wouldn’t have any impact on the company’s future.

22% of employees answered that it is (Ive’s departure) a positive indication, while 26% of respondents believed that it would affect Apple.

For the last one week, there has been a constant clamor for Ive’s resignation, and major media outlets thought it would negatively impact Apple. Now, this survey has cleared the picture.

Fortune notes, “Although he was a key lieutenant, first under Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and then current CEO Tim Cook, the general sense among Apple rank and file is that Apple will be just fine without him.”

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Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal have reported that Jony has been distancing himself from Apple for the last couple of years. There were some disagreements between Jony and Tim Cook on the latter’s concern for profitability and not product design.

However, Cook rejected these reports saying they were “absurd” and “just don’t match with reality.”

This recent survey of Fortune and Blind has unearthed the behind-the-scenes reality of what Apple employees think about Ive’s resignation.

Employees use Blind to share office gossips and salaries anonymously. The corporate Apple email addresses, however, revealed that the respondents were actually Apple employees.

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The respondents are working at Apple in different departments viz. engineering, operations, research, development, and design.

Even as employees were not worried about Apple future, they do recognize Ive’s contribution to Apple’s success as; 73% of the employees said that Jony played a vital role in the company’s past success. There are 8% of employees who believe Ive was not necessary.

Apple’s employees were pretty positive about the company’s position as a product design leader.

The non-Apple tech employees on Blind said that Ive’s resignation wouldn’t affect Apple. From a total of 2000 tech employees, nearly 48% said Jony’s departure does not affect Apple. 14% of respondents said Jony’s leaving is good as it won’t affect Apple, but 38% said it could hurt Apple.

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Overall, 70% of employees from tech industry said that Apple would continue to remain a leader in product design.

Do you think Jony Ive’s departure will affect Apple?

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