Just before few days, we published a post on 12 design patents granted to Apple. From what we observe, it seems Apple is aggressively busy in building new technology for their future iDevices. Today, we are back again with one more invention by Apple. This time, it’s about the camera.

According to the post from Patently Apple, the Cupertino-based giant has invented a never-before dual camera zoom lens system that will capture stunning pictures. The guide is highly technical and hard to understand for a novice. We will try to make it as simple as possible.

Apple Dual Camera Zoom Lens System

Dual Camera Zoom Lens System for Upcoming Apple Devices

From what we have understood, the technology features dual camera lens system. The first lens will capture zoomed image with focus while the second lens will capture the image without zoom with perfect focus. Both the images are captured simultaneously and saved differently on the device. These images will then be combined into one to get the perfect shot.

If you want to have the same thing in technical language then here’s the word from Patently Apple:

Apple’s latest zoom camera invention covers methods and/or systems for using multiple cameras to provide optical zoom to a user. Some embodiments include a first camera unit of a multifunctional device capturing a first image of a first visual field.

A second camera unit of the multifunctional device simultaneously captures a second image of a second visual field. In some embodiments, the first camera unit includes a first optical package with a first focal length. In some embodiments, the second camera unit includes a second optical package with a second focal length.”

As this is just a patent application, it cannot be confirmed when this new technology will be introduced and in which device.

So far we can just presume from the images that this technology might be integrated into coming iPhone. The presumption is based on the iPhone image shown in the patent application.

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