Apple to Work on More Functional Implementation of Siri in iPadOS

After fixing Volume HUD in its iOS 13, Apple is faced with another challenge of disruptive Siri behavior in iPadOS 13. As noted by Juliano Rossi, who mailed Craig Federighi, Apple's software chief, Siri occupies much space on iPad. To which, Craig responded that it is not something Apple can add in the last minute, but the company will consider it for the future.

Apple has finally introduced a new volume HUD in its iOS 13. However, there is a new bug spotted by an Apple user Juliano Rossi, who mailed Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief.

Juliano mentioned that Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, occupies much space, almost entire display of the iPad running iPadOS 13. This is not the way Siri behaves in macOS.

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Apple Will Consider Disruptive Siri Behaviour in the Future

Siri on macOS behaves in a friendlier way as it appears in a small window in the corner of the screen. On the contrary, Siri on iPad hampers smooth interaction between users and the smart display.

When Juliano Rossi sent a mail to Craig, the latter responded:

From Craig’s reply, it is crystal clear that Apple has to introduce some significant changes in its operating system to add less disruptive Siri behavior. It is also clear that Apple was not able to include those changes in software testing.

With Apple, users have to wait for a long time for changes or feedback to be included. For example, users have long been suggesting volume HUD in iOS. Earlier, when users would press volume up-down buttons, the HUD would appear in the center of the device screen, hampering the content. This volume HUD is now shifted to the side of the display in a less disruptive manner in iOS 13.

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In the current case, Apple is at least aware of the bug and accepted it as ‘valid feedback.’

That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Unlike earlier iOS beta versions, iOS 13 is super buggy. Perhaps Apple will roll out more sub-iterations of iOS 13 in the first three months of its release. Be prepared!

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