Apple’s disruptive innovation: 5 Industries that changed forever

Apple disruptive innovation

Apple has impacted the world positively in plenty of ways with its vision of adding value to its user’s life. While we, as customers, have benefitted a lot from the tech giant and hopefully will keep benefitting with the upcoming product launches, many businesses shut down because of Apple’s disruptive innovations over the years. Here are a few of them.

1. Personal Computer

Macintosh - Personal Computer Industry Apple disrupted

Let’s admit it. The Macintosh wasn’t just a heavy tech gadget; it was a computer for everyone with a comparatively simplified setup. It came up with a computer mouse, different fonts to pour your heart in, menus, Windows, graphic interface, and the best of all: an EXPANDABLE MEMORY. The machine was way ahead of its time!

It targeted the masses, people like us, people going to offices and students, unlike the ones available at that time which only techies could appreciate.

While it may not have had a significant change then, it changed how the world saw computers. ‘Keep it simple’ was established!

Decades later, iPhone kept up to the legacy and got the PC business entirely out of business. The tiny little device gave you a method to access the internet without a PC or laptop. Well, there was no looking back from that day onwards. 

2. Music Industry

iPod - Music Industry Apple disrupted

The return of Steve Jobs got Apple enthusiastic all over again. 25 years into the business with a decade of losses and unsuccessful products, Jobs started working on iPod. This pocket device put walkman, tape recorders, and all the audio streaming gadgets into shame. 

‘1000 songs in your pocket’; what seemed like a quote too ambitious, was achieved by this Cupertino-based giant. 

iTunes disrupted the music chain in which people bought and had access to music. This add-on service became one of the most celebrated innovations Apple gave to the music industry. Though iPod may have seen its golden era and is obsolete now, iTunes still manages to bring billions in revenue for the tech giant. 

3. Phone Industry

iPhone - Phone Industry Apple disrupted

Need I mention iPhone’s history here? Probably not. You love it or hate it; you cannot ignore the most successful gadget in mobile phones’ history. 

The evolution of the iPhone is excellent for the company and their gadget but bad for many industries. It is safe to say that iPhone X, and later models put the camera industries out of business.

How exactly did Apple disrupt the phone market? Well, the earlier models affected the cash flow in the music, publishing, and software industry. iPhone threw Blackberry, Nokia, and Samsung out of business. While Samsung managed to stay in the loop, the others could not match up. It made Apple the biggest technology company ever!

Fun fact: Did you know iPhone was labeled as Jesus Phone, aka jPhone

4. Healthcare Industry

Apple Watch - Healthcare Industry Apple disrupted

2021 has made Apple Watch and healthcare synonymous. Apple’s contribution to healthcare is by far the highest any tech company has ever been. During a Jim Cramer interview, Tim Cook said, “Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind should be about health.”

And boy, he has made us proud!

Even the most trivial feature in Apple Watch has a substantial influence on our health. Be it the water reminder or monitoring heart rate, Apple Watch has a greater hand in making the world a fairer, healthier place. 

To celebrate World Health Day, I recorded a podcast on Apple’s involvement with healthcare. Listen to it; enlisting all the privileges here is beyond the capacity of this blog.  

5. Visual art/Photography

Visual art Photography Industry Apple disrupted

Taking pictures, shooting videos, editing them, and using them for the desired purposes can all be achieved with iPhones. With the RAW mode introduced in iPhone 12 Pro line-up, the editing process also smoothened. 

iPhone as a gadget started giving such a tough competition to those heavy DSLRs and video cameras that a lot of small budget content is being shot using iPhone. We have seen a rise in the number of content creators utilizing the gadget. 

I had to do a video podcast with a guest invited to our studio, and I managed to record the entire three-hour footage using my iPhone 12 Pro Max. And I could not be more surprised with the final results. 

Apple beyond 2021: Broadening horizons

With an AR gadget in plans to launch later this year and Apple Car by 2030, Cook is all set to be a tough competition to the automobile industry and dominate the world of virtual reality. 

Which other industries do you think Apple has had a drastic impact on? Let me know in the comments below. 

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