Apple Gives Antitrust Campaigners Reasons to File a Lawsuit

Apart from Google, Facebook, and Amazon, Apple is likely to be the fourth company to face a possible Antitrust probe from the US Justice Department.

Post-WWDC 2019 atmosphere is all admiration for Apple as the company seems to be reliving its Steve Jobs era. Announcements of significant updates and features for its popular software made everyone – developers and customers – happy.

But later there is Trump administration, which has pierced a sharp pin in the Apple bubble. Apple – among four Silicone Valley giants – is likely to face US antitrust probes.

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Apple Among Four Silicone Valley Giants to Face Possible Antitrust Probe

As reported by Bloomberg, “The Justice Department is set to investigate Google and will also oversee scrutiny of Apple.”

Notably, the Federal Trade Commission will take charge of probes of Inc. and Facebook Inc.

Apple made some announcements that brought a smile on the face of end-users; obviously, trustbusters won’t raise their voice against those crowd-pleasing announcements.

By using newly presented tools, developers can design new software easily; they can also customize their mobile apps to run on the Mac and augmented-reality software.

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The software update works well with Apple’s long-standing rivals like Google (Docs) and Microsoft (new Minecraft for iPad). Moreover, Apple enables popular game controllers of Microsoft and Sony to connect with Apple TV.

So far, so good. But some developers are not happy with some tools and features that are anticompetitive. A case in point is ‘Sign In with Apple’, which “lets people select which personal information they share with apps and websites when creating accounts.”

For officials, who investigate Google and Facebook, have reason to go easier as both companies operate popular alternatives. But some developers are “surprised and unsettled” when they came to know about “Apple’s decision to make the button mandatory for all apps providing any third-party login method.”

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts who helped crystallize the new antitrust craze, said in March that “Apple shouldn’t be allowed to run an app store while also controlling the platform.”

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Apple did not attempt to conciliate the senator on Monday; instead, the company said it would create a new App Store for its Apple Watch.

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

During its WWDC 2019, Apple provided developers and investors enough reasons to earn laurels, but for antitrust campaigners, the company supplied extensive collection of weaponry.

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